BGR explains why 3G BlackBerry Bands are not Hardware dependent, rather Software.

February 2, 2010 | By | 1 Comment

Yesterday we reported about the possibility of a AWS-capable BlackBerry Pearl 9100 heading to networks like T-Mobile and Wind Mobile. At first it was thought to be a separate model of the Pearl 9100 designed only to work on these networks, but Boy Genius has decided to set everyone straight. Apparently all newer 3G BlackBerry smartphones such as the Bold 9700 and the upcoming Pearl 9100 are one single model, and not designed separately for North American or European markets. This means that the Bold 9700 that lets say AT&T or Rogers carries is the exact same as the one that T-Mobile or Wind Mobile carries. RIM has created a single chip for pretty much all 3G bands out there, and when flashed (by RIM) with the carrier branding the device is only good for those bands. This allows RIM to cut back on producing multiple models for every band. Cleaver eh? If you want to read more about this head over to the Boy Genius Report.

Oh, and in case you were wondering… No you can’t buy a Wind Mobile BlackBerry 9700 for $450 (without contract) and use it on another GSM carrier. Once RIM flashes the device with the bands the carrier users, you can not change it.

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