BerryWeather Updates To Brighten Your Forecast

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BerryWeather is my favorite weather app, even more reliable than the local weather person. I know as quickly as the weather changes, I can see it in a glance. Thanks goes out to Ryan from themes4bb, who alerted me on this before I got the email. BerryWeather is now at version 2.1.40. I’m going to share what they have new out for you.

So what’s new with BerryWeather by Bellshare GmbH? Let’s see….

Developer Message:
  • Complete rework of the core. BerryWeather will now fully close when sent to background. The homescreen wallpaper and icon will keep updating.
  • Using new server protocol to improve update speeds and minimize CPU load
  • Changed forecast/advisory update settings. New option ‘With Forecasts’ for advisory will update advisories whenever forecasts are updated, ‘Never’ will never update advisories
  • Added data+settings backup to memory card
  • Added support for setting the icon size on homescreen wallpaper
  • Added support for blacking out the settings screen (on by default)
  • Added support for selecting whether to show radar/webcam links in internal viewer or browser (allows adding mp3/video/html links)
  • Improved overall performance and memory consumption
  • Fixed lag on image browser for background image selection
  • Fixed lag issues on BlackBerry 9630 Tour smartphone (and other devices)
  • Fixed several potential memory leaks
  • Fixed errors on first time built-in map loading
  • Version 2.1 is using a new storage format. This means all data will be lost.
  • We strongly recommend uninstalling any previous version before installing version 2.1

You can update your BerryWeather by going to your account and signing in. To do that you can go BlackBerry Sync App Store, sign in to your account, go to My Apps and download. If you haven’t tried BerryWeather yet, it’s available in the BlackBerry Sync App Store for the price of $9.95.

You can grab your copy of BerryWeather for $9.95 from the BlackBerry Sync Store here >

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