BerryJoose Amplifies The Power Of Your BlackBerry And We Have Copies To Giveaway!

February 7, 2010 | By

The Jared Company has given us 25 copies of BerryJoose to give away, so we’re going to make this contest interesting. BerryJoose runs in the background on your BlackBerry minimizing battery leaks (BlackBerry Alzheimer Disease), optimizes your BlackBerry, and super-charges it for speed. The Jared Company also has great customer service.

The description of BerryJoose is as follows:

Working seamlessly, silently in the background, BerryJoose delivers improved Blackberry® functionality and fewer hassles. With BerryJoose, your Blackberry® keeps you connected and in touch. Effortlessly. You won’t even know BerryJoose is there. BerryJoose optimizes performance and comes with a 100%, no-hassle, money-back guarantee. It’s the one Blackberry® app that delivers full-spectrum utility from your Blackberry®, whether you’re uptown, downtown or out of town.
Features Include:

  • Memory leaks are minimized.
  • Super-charged for speed.
  • Turn on your Blackberry® in the morning and enjoy optimized performance all day. BerryJoose just does it.
  • Battery pulls? BerryJoose keeps them under control.
  • Warnings before you lose your work or that new client. You always look good with BerryJoose no matter what’s on the line. Or who.
  • Deploy more apps simultaneously, increasing productivity.
  • Have questions? We’ve got the answers right here.

BerryJoose is available in the BlackBerry Sync App Store for normally $9.95 which makes the prize worth $9.95 each.

With 25 copies to give away, here’s the catch. We want you to leave a comment listing which BlackBerry device you have and what you would like fixed on it. Is it too slow, need a faster browser, hourglass a lot, etc? The contest starts now Feb 7th and will run until Saturday night Feb 13th . Okay readers, get ready and let the comments begin!

*******Thanks for your comments, the contest has officially been closed. We didn’t even make it to the second day!!! I’ll be notifying winners and give an official announcement here shortly. Congrats everyone who made it, and thank you!

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  • David Sheppard

    i have a blackberry 9700, love to have fewer hourglasses come up


  • Kitty

    Blackberry 8520

    i am finding memory leaks with my phone at the mo,

    love to have berryjoose

  • Adam

    I have Blackberry 9000

    memory leaks, battery pulls…..

    Help a blackberry user in need

  • Luis

    I would love to have a faster browser,i have a curve 8520, and that’s the only thing that needs improving!!

  • Jeff Iskra

    I’d like my 8330 Curve to stop freezing up while I text & type. Also, I need it to speed up; it’s getting slower the longer I have it! Please help me; my friends with iPhones & Droids make fun of me & my BB!

  • Brian Mulligan

    I have the storm 9530. The native browser is terrible, so slow its not worth using. Opera mini adds the functionality to the storm that should be expected from a smartphone. The memory leaks are a major problem due to the limited amount of application memory RIM chose to place in the device. The memory issue was addressed with the storm2 but blackberry’s browser still needs a major reworking. Flash support would be nice too seeing how skyfire has managed to accomplish that feat with other devices.

  • Derek MacMillan

    Well it seems I missed the deadline, but here it goes.

    I have a Storm 9530, and would love to have better memory management and a faster browser. Fewer hour glasses would be nice too.

  • pink2

    I have a Bold 9000 and what I would like most is a faster browser. I have been getting a lot of hourglasses when going to any site and it takes forever to load sometimes. I would really like to win this app because i believe it would help with the memory management. I only have about 16 free at the beginning of the day after a QuickPull reset and it goes down from there.

  • galambo

    I have a 9700. And what I would like fix is
    Battery consumtion
    The occasional Java errors
    The page can not be rendered
    Needing to log in to a wi-fi hotspot 2000 timed (the same one)
    Being able to track memeory usage and being able to re-claim some

  • galambo

    I have a 9700
    Monitoring memory
    Getting memory back
    Getting less java error messages
    No rendering errors
    Abilty to make my BB baby work like a charm.
    And can I wish for it to wash dishes as well ;-)

  • tracy

    I have a 9700 and I’m hoping that berryjoose fixes the main problem that I have with the phone….. The memory leaks! Over all I love the transition from the 8900, the 9700 is a awesome phone!

  • Bryan Fréchette

    My blackberry pearl hour glasses a lot, memory leaks galore and i think my phone woùld love some help, thanks

  • nthui

    wow..i using blackberry bold… berryJoose will be a best app to help me prevent for many prob lie memory leak and java error.. i love it so much . please pick me for a free copy. thanks.

  • Summer


    I too really would love to win a copy of berryJoose for free.
    I have a Tour 9630 O.S version & I get the hourglass A lot, even on your website, I also get a lot of problems (hourglass) with the Browser & Yahoo mixed together, to the point of my phone freezing until I pull out battery.
    I also get errors that read (uncaught java exception) would have to say the browser is too slow as well.


  • Summer


    I too really would love to win a copy of berryJoose for free.
    I have a Tour 9630 O.S version & I get the hourglass A lot, even on your website, I also get a lot of problems (hourglass) with the Browser & Yahoo mixed together, to the point of my phone freezing until I pull out battery.
    I also get errors that read (uncaught java exception).
    The battery on my Tour is dead in no time, so I am always checking to make sure my browser is closed & really can’t listen to music so much because I don’t have the time to charge it or the energy to walk over to get my charger (especially with 4 kids) exhausted enough! I also have the Utube video application & its a shame my battery keeps me from wanting to watch videos or sharing them.
    Hoping BerryJoose can help me!

  • Jesse

    I have a Blackberry 8900. I would like to see better memory management, for moments you are multitasking, the menu gets edgy and slow when moving between apps. Not sure if it’s just the 8900 or the OS but a more fluent motion when browsing through the phone would be excellent

  • Tom

    I have a BB 9000 berryjoose sounds like it would reduce the memory leaks and the slow to no response browser functions. At this point anything would be a big help in overcoming these problems. If not selected for a free copy, I am going to buy it.

  • Johnson

    I have the Blackberry Tour and it definitely needs a faster browser.

  • Gavin

    I have the blackberry bold 9000 and the one thing I would really like improved is the battery life. I should have no fear to leave the house with 50% battery. But it eventually dies for some reason.

  • Greg Quan

    I have the Bold 9000 and I must say I am jealous of those who do not have the problems of the memory leaks, hourglass waiting and momentary freezing. It would be awesome to fix all those issues with one app.

  • nolan

    i have the curve 8900 and i’d love a quicker response to switching apps, using menu etc. and a faster browsing experience wouldn’t hurt.

  • Kevin

    bold 9000

    – better memory management
    – treat the expanded memory card as usable memory for apps
    – render html email properly
    – better web browsing

  • BBpatriotStorm

    Ok so i have the BlackBerry Storm 2 9550. My browser kinda sucks haha its slow and the battery sometimes can be an issue??


  • Atul

    I have the 9700 and would love to have less hourglasses popping up.

  • Freddy Martinez

    Storm 2.

    Better Internet browser. Better battery life.

  • Josh D.

    My 9630 rocks! This whole time I have only been stuck with one major hour glass lag and a app error in both I needed only to remove an app. 5.0 is so sweet! The one thing I would love to give a try for awhile is that new shiny trackpad.

  • Jeffrey

    Blackberry Storm 2 9550

    I would totally like a better browser, one comprable to the iPhone or Android Webkit based browsers. This would make the browsing experience 10x better on the blackberry, especially the touch devices.

  • Sean Rima

    Would love to stop the leak of memory that plagues me most days other than that my phone is perfect with OS5, unless you have a coffee making addon as well :)

    I have the Bold 9000

  • hjk

    I have bold 9000 running OS My memory disappears like water down a fast drain. Speed and efficiency are still lacking on my wonderful Blackberry. I love it – when it works!

    BerryJoose sounds like a dream come true.

  • Julie

    I really hope I win this one, my curve freezes up way too often!

    Hopefully this program will help fix it!

    Thank you BlackBerrySync and The Jared Company!

  • Lindsay

    Hi, I have 9700 and OS5 is the best yet with it’s functionality.
    My only gripes would be a “proper” and faster native internet browser.
    This OS seems to have less hourglass but it seems to take ages to load up after battery pull/reboot.

    I’d love to win a BerryJoose that make this 9700 even better :)

  • FeWoR

    I hate memory leaks! …and sometimes my 8800 makes me crazy for them!

  • Mike

    Blackberry is nearly perfect. What would make it perfect is eliminating the need for the constant battery pulls/ reboots from low memory, and a browser experience from the eighties. With a GB of RAM, why is so little available for apps and daily operations?

  • kodakanblues

    i have Blackberry Pearl 8100, my battery runs out for only one day and it slows in reading applications. i would like to have this application for free…. thanks. this forum helps a lot of us in need of free applications……

  • Barticus

    Hey!! Blackberrysync!! I have a Storm 9530 and I got it ever since it came out. What was I thinking?!?! I’m always afraid of it freezing on me so I do a battery pull every morning, which barely gets me through the day some days. Although I’m running a OS, it would be nice to have an application that fixes what the OS cannot which is memory leaks.

    Good luck to everyone!!

  • Scott James

    Thanks to everyone who entered the contest! The winners will be announced shortly.