An App You Can’t Do Without: Viigo For BlackBerry

February 18, 2010 | By | 6 Comments

There’s a lot of new apps, updates, and news coming out every day. Along with the new, I noted some of you want some tips and advice for new users, so I want to highlight a favorite app of ours. Viigo. Why Viigo? Because Viigo has everything you want to know at your fingertips, and then some.

Viigo is one of those apps anyone with a smartphone shouldn’t be without. No matter what your interest, Viigo has you covered. The reason I had downloaded Viigo was to keep up on technology and wireless news. But it has evolved into so much more than that. It has news, sports, weather, business, audio and podcasts, shopping, social networks, entertainment, flights and travel, politics, and even taxi services. And it’s not just information, it’s the most current and updated information available. It updates every single time you open it. Viigo is currently at v3.1 by Viigo, Inc.

  • Viigo includes a Quick Launch Toolbar, which includes the ability to share by email, Twitter, and Facebook.
  • Sports of all kinds can be found on Viigo, and you can keep up with the scores and latest headlines.
  • Business and Finance lets you keep up with your portfolio, exchange rates and more.
  • There are podcasts available in nearly every subject there is.
  • Local Interests brings up local job searches (, Craigslist, Restaurant Reservations (OpenTable), and Traffic in most cities.
  • Shopping includes BPlay and MobiHand.
  • Entertainment includes Movie listings, entertainment news, Daily Lit (novels to read), and YouTube.
  • Flights and Travel allows you to search by Route and Number, and track the flight status.
  • Politics allows you to keep up on real time election results, political polls, and news.

The beauty of Viigo is one it’s free, and two, you customize it. It’s what you want to view and you have the ability to choose it like that. I love that I can pick which sites I can add to watch their posts, including BlackBerry Sync. And I have played with different features. Viigo also has the What’s New In Viigo so you can know what new features are out. Not only that, but you can go to and you can sign into your account and read your MyViigo online. Sign in and read your news.

Personally I keep up with the wireless and tech news, the weather, movies, tracking packages, shopping deals, all those things I need to stay on top of daily. I can tell you big changes for Viigo are ahead. They are listening to all the feedback and concerns, they have made big changes based on what you want and have enhanced it and are ready to take it to the next level for their readers. So please give your feedback, continue to let Viigo know what you like and love about it too. Let them know what your favorites are.

Viigo also has an outstanding support system. If you go to , you will find that there’s infor and copy-paste tutorials on how to do things in Viigo. Use Viigo, share Viigo, and enjoy Viigo.

If you don’t have Viigo on your BlackBerry, or don’t know what Viigo is, by all means, go download it. It’s free and you will be thankful you did it.

There are three places for you to download Viigo.

Download your free copy of Viigo v3.1 from the BlackBerry Sync App Store

Download your free copy of Viigo v3.1 from Viigo Inc

Download your free copy of Viigo v3.1 from the BlackBerry App World

Compatible with OS: 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.5, 4.6, 4.7, 5.0

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  • old bluetooth

    I have had Viigo on and off at least 6 times, why, because it is a memory hog, I think it suffers the greatest memory leaks of any app I have had. Did I like it, yes, did I like what it did to the function of my Bold 9000, NO. it really bogged it down, and i do not have a lot of apps, just what I need to be very functional. Now if you tell me that they solved the memory issue, i might try again.

  • Josh D.

    I have never had a problem running it, in fact its been my favorite app since a very special friend brought me into blackberry and recommended it. I keep it clean with only the info I want and it runs perfect every time.

  • Susan

    There are actually two types of Viigo, Viigo and Viigo News. Viigo News is Viigo lite. And Viigo is a great app, I couldn’t do without it.

  • Scott

    I love Viigo News.. that I what I run on my Bold, and it works perfect!

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