The Dark Rose Premium Theme By MMMOOO For BlackBerry

January 21, 2010 | By | 3 Comments

MMMOOO has some interesting apps and themes, and their newest theme is another exception. It’s beautiful and dark, cold and seductive, like unrequited love. I found this theme to be very becoming, and while I expected it to slow the phone down, it did nothing but display its dark beauty.

There’s not much to the description other than not to complain of the thorn if you like rose. The theme is available in the BlackBerry Sync Store for only $4.99 as OTA. I installed the theme onto my BlackBerry Tour 9630 running OS After a battery pull, I was ready to check it out.

So what makes the Dark Rose different? You can see the white vintage design at the top With a background that resembles a curtain of gray with a light or lamp behind it and the shadows of the branches with thorns. The rose design ins on the “curtain”. On the two ends of the design sit leaves. The one on your right is your coverage indicator, the one on the left is the battery. The leaf starts to dissipate as battery life diminishes and as your charge, a small glow is on the side of the leaf. Time sits on top of the design on the left, the GPS symbol below, the alarm on the top right and indicators below the design on the right.

The theme allows 6 customizable icons that sit on the bottom. Here’s an added feature. There’s a hidden SVG dock on the right side. The dock allows quick access to Flickr, Facebook, and MySpace. Of course, you must have these installed already to be able to have access to them. For me, I don’t use MySpace, but Flickr and Facebook are nice. Your cursor is now a rose which looks nice as it scrolls over the icons. Icons are greyish white, but do turn black when the rose scrolls over them. The SVG icons stay grey and turn white when scrolled over, and the cursor shrinks when it gets to the sound to a small rose.

Clicking on the menu button, all the icons are familiar except white. When you click on messages, the fonts are black and the highlighted messages are highlighted in red. Clicking the Options button opens up a grey menu with white fonts. The highlighted choice is white with red wording.

The icons stay familiar, no wear and tear on the system running, just an all around dark and seductive theme. If you like a theme that doesn’t slow you down and gives your phone a classic look, and yet stays with the dark theme, this is it. A bittersweet theme that will give your BlackBerry a new look.

You can grab your copy of the Dark Rose by MMMOOO for $4.99 from the BlackBerry Sync App Store here >

The Dark Rose is compatible with OS: 4.5, 4.6, 4.7, 5.0

Compatible with BlackBerry Devices: 81xx Pearl series, 82xx Pearl Flip series, 83xx Curve Series, 85xx Curve series, 87xx, 88xx World series, 9000, 95xx Storm series, 96xx Tour series, 9700,

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