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Viira v2.0 is one of those essential tools you need for having to get things done. Especially for those who want to be truly efficient and productive. Based on David Allen’s “Getting Things Done”, this provides a set of productive and best practices. Keep productive with this app, and manage your tasks.

First off, I really must apologize for being late with this one. Chris, the CEO from Karta Mobile Inc, let us know about the release of Viira v2.0 and all the added features it contains.  Viira is available for $29.99,  an upgrade from the previous version is $19.99, and a free trial available as well so you can try it first. In case you haven’t heard of Viira, I’m going to list the features it has available:

Projects and Contexts: Assign any item in Viira’s organization system to a project, context, or both. This means you can add tasks, email tasks, appointments, and reminders to any project. You can assign Next Actions and set the order of times to any project. It allows you to maintain an alphabetical catalog of all your projects. Use Viira’s shortcuts to create, delete and open any project item.

Next Actions: Quickly and easily assign the next action for each project, context or day.

Email Tasks: Create to-dos and reminders from your incoming emails so that you never forget to reply to those important emails.

Priorities: Order your tasks by priority. Use your BlackBerry’s VoIUP and VoIDown to move things up or down on your priority list.

Day View: View your day’s appointments, reminders and objectives at a glance.

Recurring Events: Recurring events and appointments such as weekly meetings or ongoing commitments are fully supported.

Day Tasks: A Viira-only feature allows you to assign days to your tasks, reminders and email tasks.

Appointments in your GTD System: All appointments are full members of your GTD system. Assign a project or context to an appointment, order it by priority, even designate it as a next action.

Overdue Task Area: Unfinished tasks from yesterday will appear in the Overdue Tasks Area of your Day View for today.

Seamless Calendar Integration: Viira seamlessly integrates with your BlackBerry Calendar ensuring that you never miss an appointment no matter where it is created or accepted from.

Multi-Calendar Support: BlackBerry devices maintain one calendar account for each configured email address. Viira seamlessly integrates with all the calendar accounts.

Works On All Modern BlackBerry Devices: Viira is compatible with all modern BlackBerry devices.

Always There: No active internet connection is required, so your GTD habits don’t have to end with your network coverage.

Prior to downloading Viira (even for the free trial), you fill out a quick ten second registration, then you’re free to download. I downloaded and installed Viira v2.0 on my BlackBerry Tour 9630 and it installed fine. After restarting my Tour, I looked for Viira on my BlackBerry. It was in my Downloads as a green check mark. When I clicked on it, there was the word Tasks on the top with nothing in it. Now the fun can begin, to start using Viira and see what and how it can help organize me and make my day more productive.

I get several emails a day, not so much calls as I do emails. And of course tasks from work as well. I communicate primarily by email and messenger, and of course a schedule. Viira addresses that well according to the description, so I was excited to start using it to see just how many ways I could use it. So as soon as I had a few emails coming in for announcements and reviews, I decided to enlist the assistance of Viira and put it to the test.

So I opened my email and click the Options button. I scroll down to create Viira Task. It opens with the Task at the top for me to fill out. It also has Status which is in three options: Not Completed, Waiting and Completed. There is also Context and to choose Context you need to have Contexts created. Project is next and again this is one that you have to create Projects for any options to populate for you to choose from. Next is a box next to Day Task which you can check off and choose a day. There is a short synopsis of your email and Notes at the bottom for you to add any other notes for reminders.

So I need to create Context and Projects for my Viira. So I click on the icon, and I see Tasks. Click the Options button and there you see the Tasks, Projects, Contexts along with Day View at the top. Clicking on Projects will take you to the Projects page. There if you click the Options button you can choose new. Now you can create your Project categories. You can do the same with the Contexts. Be sure to save and then when you get the next email, you’re able to choose the Project and Context category. If you go back to Tasks and go into Options you will see the shortcuts listed with the buttons of Open, New Task, New Appointment, Mark Completed, Delete, Delete Completed, and Move.

If you scroll down in Options you will see Settings. In Settings you see General Settings, Email Tasks, and the License Key. General Setup lets you decide how Viira should start when opened. Email Tasks has a default of 150 characters.

There is also a Viira Feedback and Help. As with any app that has Feedback, please use it if you need it. I created an appointment, added tasks through email and in total, Viira worked great. I could really get more organized easier using this app.

I liked that you could create other tasks and appointments without the email a s well. This makes it nicer since you can add to your tasks and keep an eye on them. As you can see by the screen shots I’ve even listed which ones I have marked as completed as I go.You can see the differences in Tasks and Projects too, very nice to read and see.

CONS: The app does not integrate with BlackBerry Messenger, but hopefully it will someday, as some of my business contacts are on the messenger. I played with the app and did reading on the site to learn how to navigate the app.

PROS: The app is very efficient in helping you create your lists and tasks, meeting them, and keeping the ones you make on a list even if you didn’t get to it and forgot since it does have the apps that never got done.

Again, the prices are $29.99 for Viira and $19.99 if you have the previous version and wish to upgrade it. Overall, the app is a great essential product for anyone who’s on the go and has a schedule they could use help with. I think that’s a larger percentage of us than we care to admit. The price doesn’t look so bad if you have missed appointments, phone calls, emails, etc.

If you’re interested in downloading Viira v2.0 and trying the free trial, you can download it here >

[rating: 4.7/5]

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