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There are themes of all sorts, but this is one that’s the first of it’s kind. It’s something you’ve never seen before and it’s a Premium theme. It’s the perfect tribute to the Fab Four. The theme is available from Built By Request and it’s perfect for any Beatles fan.

This is the perfect compliment to RIM’s free “All You Need Is Love”. The theme is available in zip and ota format. The theme installs quickly and easily. The first thing I noticed is that the Beatles are in black and white. The customizable icons sit on top. Icons are set in blue. When you scroll over ┬áthe icons, there are spotlights that appear from the icons that light up different Beatles, colorizing them. It’s so different, with orange and blue highlights. AlucardFair calls them Spotlight Icons. Really different, and for me, this is a new type of ┬áhome screen I had never seen before, and adds a little life to the theme and homescreen. The homescreen is so lifelike I almost expect the music to start playing and Ed Sullivan to come out clapping. I really like how you can add color and life to whichever Beatle you want, and it’s almost like a mini silent concert on your BlackBerry.

Another neat feature is that you can also hide the icons by clicking on capital button and H and unhide with the capital button and U. I need to specify however, that it’s recommended that when you hide them be sure you are highlighted on the 7th slot (the weather slot), so the image stays all black and white. Otherwise, you will remain with a colored streak from the highlight and a colored Beatle. The bottom right has an icon for your weather. On the very bottom sits the banner. You have the battery in blue on the very left bottom corner, then the GPS, the date, the time, the alarm icon and coverage. When an alert occurs, it sits on the bar.

Clicking on the Options button, you can see all the icons and they’re all in front of the Beatles. As you can see, they’re standing to the right. There’s also the Beatles ribbon that is clear at the bottom. The background has pictures of the Beatles. Icons are clear or blue outlined. The cursor is the Beatles in black. The icons in blue outline look so great with the theme. The fonts are Beatles lettering like.

The call screen when receiving a call displays the classic Abbey Road cover, with the Beatles crossing the street. A little bit of Beatle info, some say the picture represented a funeral as John was the “Preacher” in white, Ringo was the “Pallbearer” in the classic black attire, Paul was the “corpse” in a suit but no shoes, and George was the “grave digger” in jeans. This was during the time of the whole “Paul is dead” rumor.

The screen when you call is the four Beatles looking towards the left. This is really nice how all the pics change, and a different screen for everything.

The browser is white with blue lettering and grey outline. The options are black with blue words but highlight is blue with white lettering.

The screen lock screen is the classic Beatles black and white cover. Message and email are black with blue lettering.

This is a great theme, no freezing, the icons look nice, the screens are different and just a wild tribute to the Beatles. I think many fans of all ages will love this theme. I think AlucardFair has outdone himself with this one. I fell in love with it from the time I saw it. It embodies the Beatles in tribute perfectly. My one request for you is if you decide to download the Beatles or any theme from Built By Request, that you show some respect or share some love by leaving a comment before or after to thank him and let him know what you think of the theme. The themes are free, and it’s very nice to let them know we appreciate that.

You can download the Beatles theme from Built By Request here >

Compatible with OS : 4.5, 4.6, 4.7, 5.0 Non-Touch

Compatible with Devices: 83xx, 85xx, 89xx, 9000, 96xx, and 9700

When you go to the link, find your device on your left, click on the OS, and follow through.

[Rating: 5/5]

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