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With the New Year at hand, I know many of us have listed our health and fitness as a goal, and why not have that goal in the palm of your hand? I’m very excited with the improvements FitDeck Mobile has made, and I’m going to share them with you!

Jason from mobileXware, shared with me the new version of FitDeck Mobile they have been working on, and I can see they’ve been working hard. Not only is there the basic FitDeck cards, but there are extensions available as well. So far there is Pilates, Office, and Stairs. But that’s not all, there are future extensions in the works, everything from Yoga, pre and post natal, Dumbell and Medicine Ball, Core Blast, Combat Sports, to Swimming, Soccer, and Golf. Even Tai Chi. I am really excited over the progress and I’m looking forward to trying the new ones coming, especially the Combat Sports, that could be fun! For those readers who are unfamiliar with FitDeck Mobile, let me explain to you what FitDeck Mobile is. FitDeck Mobile is a unique application that runs on your device so you can access your fitness regimen anywhere you go. It will help you lose weight, gain strength, and feel better by meeting your fitness goals. It was designed and created by Navy Seal and ACE Certified Trainer Phil Black. The exercises involve only your body, no weights, no gyms, all can be done from the privacy of your home. The FitDeck started out as cards and the app keeps this in mind by allowing you to shuffle them, and working on your exercises in different orders to change it up. You also start at your own pace. The regimen is very customizable. I’ve reviewed the FitDeck Mobile system for BlackBerry before which is called Bodyweight, and have always kept it with me. Even taking a five minute break and doing them will help you and rejuvenate  your mind and spirit during a long day. So the original FitDeck software had the fifty cards with all the exercises. The newer version is that and more. They are currently offering the new software as a special deal to existing customers that includes the Bodyweight and has three title extensions that are available at a discount for one week. The new extensions are Office, Stairs, and Pilates. Future titles are as follows: Junior; Senior,;Yoga; Stretch; Prenatal; Postnatal; Travel; Dumbbell; Medicine Ball; Pull Up;TRX Suspension Trainer; Exercise Ball; Balance Dome; Kettlebell; Resistance Tube; Toning Ball; Exercise Bar; Navy SEAL; Speed, Agility, Quickness; CrossTrain; Plyometrics; Verticle Jump; Speed Ladder; Cones; Combat Sports; Soccer; Basketball; Golf; Swimming; Baseball; Lacrosse; Hope; Breathing; Tai Chi; and Cardio.

I installed this version on my BlackBerry Tour 9630. I really like the idea of the title extensions because it makes your workout even more customizable, allowing you to download and add to your workout the exercises you will use and enjoy. And the other titles to come will make this the ultimate workout available for your phone. When you download the app, you also register online with an account. This makes it easy for your information as well. The icon once installed looks larger than the original icon on the latest software. And when you click on it, you hear the cards shuffle,  which is nice touch. It also loads the available three titles and the other titles to come. You can purchase Pilates for $2.99 for the special offer, and Office and Stairs for $1.99. You can also try the demo of the extension titles. If you didn’t have FitDeck, the FitDeck runs $7.99 and is worth it, and I’m going to show you why. Bodyweight is composed of fifty cards, which tones and builds strength in all areas. It also has the Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced workout in mind. You do so many exercises following the workout you choose. Here’s a few screenshots to give you an idea how the cards look and so you can get a feel of how the workout would be. Now I realize that some of them may be a little challenging. You can work up strength till you can attempt them, or start with altering them a bit until you’re able to fully complete them. But the exercises are attainable and easy to achieve. I can choose to work out for ten minutes or a half hour, it all depends on how much time I want to put in. Many of them are so simple, and you can feel them working. CONS: There’s no trainer counting down for you, so if you rely on hearing someone give you vocal cues, you will have to overcome it. PROS: You are your own equipment, you exercise on a workout that is comfortable for you, every part of your body has a focus, you can do them anywhere, no dvd’s or tapes to go through, no internet connection necessary, you are advised to see a physician before engaging in the workout. Which leads me to the next part. The extended title of Office. Office allows you to work out in your office without any gym clothes. The Office is a 20 card deck. As you can see, once you go through the deck it allows you to start over or quit. I love the idea of working out in the Office, there’s no excuse of: “I don’t have time to go to the gym to workout”, make your office your gym and workout while you can. Studies show that even taking a five minute stretch and moving around will help you rejuvenate and focus. The Office exercises are so easy and utilize your office furniture as your equipment. CONS: Only twenty cards available. PROS: No gym equipment necessary, uses your surrounding furniture as your equipment, no workout attire necessary so you work out as you are. No strenuous exercises included. Much more healthier than cigarette and coffee breaks. The next title I decided to do is Stairs. Again this is a twenty card workout. This workout will be best if you are dressed for it in shorts or jogging outfit. This workout has all the classic stair workouts you see athletes performing on bleachers. It has two ways of doing them as well. And the cards change the workout up a bit. This is great for those who live up a flight of stairs as well. Make your surroundings be your workout. This is great for both strength and cardio. I can just feel the burn with that workout. There’s even a card that has you do one of the exercises with your hands behind your back, and I didn’t realize what a difference it makes, wow. I’m probably going to be stiff as a board tomorrow and hope my coworkers don’t notice. If I can do the office ones and keep moving, life will be good. CONS: Couldn’t really find one other than work out in clothes that you can be prepared to sweat in. PROS: Using stairs to keep moving, great cardio workout and strength builder. Workout doesn’t take very long at all.

Now if you’re interested in the new version of FitDeck and would like to purchase the Bodyweight for $7.99 to start and take advantage of the limited-time offer of the other titles at a discounted price, then you must register at their site.

Download FitDeck Mobile Beta here >

Once you register, you will receive an email with the link to download the FitDeck Mobile 2.0. Overall because they have taken their product of Bodyweight and added to it, giving it the ultimate customization, I’m going to give it five stars. I love the idea that you can make your workout, and add as you go. If you have tried Bodyweight / FitDeck Mobile from mobileXware, please share what you liked and didn’t and what you think of the new version. I’ll be doing a review on the Pilates title by the weekend. Pilates is a workout that was designed by Joseph Pilates, who was a gymnast. His workout focuses on the core postural muscles which keep the body balanced and support the spine.

[rating: 5/5]

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