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I’ve reviewed FitDeck Mobile before, it’s a great way to keep your exercise with you. Pilates has come to the FitDeck Mobile as an extension title and is the perfect compliment to the Bodyweight. Pilates is popular and is great way to get fit and feel good, and feeling results. As with any workout, be sure and consult your physician first.

Before I begin, I’d like to share a bit of history about Pilates. Pilates was created in Germany, named for the gymnast who devised the exercises. He based them on aerobics and it was created back during the first World War to help the rehabilitation program for returning veterans. Joseph believed the exercises were the mind and body, and emphasized you could help regain health by strengthening, stretching, and stabilizing key muscles. They are made to condition the whole body through proper alignment, centering, concentration, control, precision, breathing, and flowing movement. Many dancers use this technique as well because it lengthens and tones the body. It’s very similar to yoga as well, and concentrates on the “Power House” of the body: the abdomen, lower back, hips, and buttocks.

The app is called FitDeck Mobile. The icon is a blue man doing pushups, and the original Navy Seal inspired workout is Bodyweight. The app is the work of mobileXware, and they have some really great products. I’ve reviewed the other titles as well, but the Pilates was a bigger title to cover. Always start by reading the information at the top, this covers all the titles you purchase with advice and recommendations. I’ve included it with the review. I installed the FitDeck Mobile on my BlackBerry Tour 9630, and this is a continuation of the FitDeck Mobile v2.0 by mobileXware.

When you have the FitDeck Mobile and have the purchased Bodyweight, you have other titles you are able to purchase. And for a limited time you can purchase them at special prices. The Pilates is $2.99. Ordering through the app is very easy. You click on the title, and just choose buy now. The title loads and you’re good to go. I was pretty excited over the Pilates. There’s a few other upcoming titles I’m excited about but the Pilates are one I try to do as often as I can.

After the title is purchased and loads, it’s very easy to access. Click on the title and you’re ready to start. There are fifty cards in all. The cards are arranged with Wild Cards, Pre-Pilates, Face Down, Side Lying, and Abdominal exercise cards. The exercises vary in degrees of beginner to intermediate, but you can do them at your own pace, and alternate the exercises if need be until you are comfy. The Pilates is based on 6 core fundamentals.

  • Control: focusing on muscle control will lead to proper form and prevent injuries.
  • Centering: concentrating on the body’s central core (abdominals, lower back, and buttocks) is critical.
  • Breathing: inhale during exercise preparation and recovery, and exhale as you perform the actual exercise.
  • Concentration: the mind and body must work in unison for best results.
  • Range of Motion:  extending the body to its fullest length during exercises will help achieve maximum flexibility.
  • Stability: building a stable torso is one of Pilate’s primary goals.

There are different ways to alternate your workout. Shuffle the cards, decide which types you want to do, some are timed (click on the clock and the timer begins), you customize and workout your way. Warm up, cool down and stretching is highly recommended prior to your workout.

While looking at the cards, you can see it’s very similar to yoga, and it’s a great workout. It’s not hard to do at any pace, just make sure you aren’t overdoing it. FitDeck Mobile is $7.99 and the Pilates is $2.99. The price is a definite investment. Register and purchase, and the download ota will be sent to you. If you are a current customer, then register for your Bodyweight to be free and you are free to purchase other titles.

Cons: I couldn’t find any except that just once it said I needed to purchase the Pilates, but after restarting the app, the Pilates loaded perfectly. It takes a minute to load but it’s worth the wait. This is fantastic for keeping that New Years resolution without having to join a gym or do a club membership.

Pros: More versatile and customizable than doing Pilates with a DVD. I’ve had the DVD versions, this is much easier to understand and is truly at your own pace. All the Pilates exercises are included, it’s convenient and it’s fun. Whether you do it alone or invite a friend, you have your own workout gym via BlackBerry.

Download FitDeck Mobile Beta here >

[rating: 5/5]

I gave the app a five star rating because in comparison to the DVD and tv workouts available, this is truly more customizable and attainable. Do it anytime, including when everyone’s sleeping. You pick the times, you pick the exercises, you pick how long.

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  • Ossie Bossen

    Great ideas. I find the Pilates method fascinating. Since I started I feel more motivated and less irritible. I enjoy my Pilates System training so much.

  • Carrie

    great! i think you should add having a built-in timer as a pros. :)

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