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You’ve heard about BerryJoose, especially if you have Twitter. But what is it? Is it a solution or a BlackBerry Grail? Is it possible to retain the memory of your BlackBerry (preventing BlackBerry Alzheimer Disease)? I installed BerryJoose January 17th so I could use the app and find out for myself just what the app does.

BerryJoose is available in the BlackBerry Sync App Store for normally $9.99 but is on sale for $4.99 until January 31st. The description of what BerryJoose does is as follows:

Working seamlessly, silently in the background, BerryJoose delivers improved Blackberry® functionality and fewer hassles. With BerryJoose, your Blackberry® keeps you connected and in touch. Effortlessly. You won’t even know BerryJoose is there.

Features of BerryJoose are:

• memory leaks are minimized.

• super-charged for speed.

• Turn on your Blackberry® in the morning and enjoy optimized performance all day. BerryJoose just does it.

• battery pulls? BerryJoose keeps them under control.

• warnings before you lose your work or that new client. You always look good with BerryJoose no matter what’s on the line. Or who.

• deploy more apps simultaneously, increasing productivity.

• Have questions? We’ve got the answers right here.

BerryJoose optimizes performance and comes with a 100%, no-hassle, money-back guarantee. It’s the one Blackberry® app that delivers full-spectrum utility from your Blackberry®, whether you’re uptown, downtown or out of town.

I decided after reading it on a few tweets here and there, some of my groups chatting about it, that I needed to try this little known app. It installed rather quickly on my BlackBerry Tour 9630.

After installing it, you can find the icon and when you open it, there’s only the display screen of what the app keeps an eye on which are:

RAM Allocated:

RAM Free

Total RAM

FLASH Allocated


and Total FLASH

The app runs in the background. So upon the first day of running it, there’s a very noticeable difference. But soon thereafter the difference doesn’t seem to be as apparent. I found my Tour still hourglasses and freezes a bit, however to be honest and fair to the app, I run so many apps that I know there’s a few that are pretty large apps. But I can tell you that I know I haven’t received any error messages, and when it freezes it hasn’t become so bad that I had to resort to a battery pull either. The freezes haven’t been near as long either since using BerryJoose. Especially when running themes, some themes can be demanding on a BlackBerry, using an intensive amount of memory to run.

Also with BerryJoose all updates will be free which is also an incentive. It’s hard to gauge what this app does because it’s in the background. I can’t test it other than run it on my phone and keep using my phone. It also might make a difference depending on the BlackBerry running it. I can’t see it hurting the Pearl as that handset is notorious for issues with memory.

PROS: the phone does not hourglass near as often. The phone does not freeze near as often alleviating the need for a battery pull.  The app does minimize memory leaks, speeding up the phone. You can run more apps and it doesn’t kill the  phone when you forget to close out.

CONS: Because the app runs in the background, it’s not like some apps that you can open and see what the app is doing or turn on a specific function. There is also no way to see what difference the app has made. Hopefully this will be something they will add later. I like to see either what difference the app has made to the phone, or a diagram showing what it’s doing.

You can grab a copy of BerryJoose v1.17 for $4.99 until Jan 31st in The BlackBerry Sync App Store here >

Compatible with OS: 4.2, 4.3, 4.5, 4.6, 4.7 Non-Touch, 4.7 Touch Screen, 5.0 Non-Touch, 5.0 Touch Screen

Compatible with BlackBerry devices: 71xx series, 81xx Pearl Series, 82xx Pearl Flip series, 83xx Curve series, 85xx Curve series, 87xx series, 88xx World series, 89xx Curve series, 9000 (Bold), 9100 (Pearl), 95xx Storm series, 95xx Storm2 series, 9630/9650 (Tour), 9700 (Bold)

[rating: 4/5]

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  • webstar18

    GREAT APP. I’ve used it a few times since i downloaded it. had some trouble at first but support is amazing. I emailed them and got total directions in less than 10 minutes. This one is a keeper 4 sure.

  • bx2md

    thank you for the in depth review and i will consider this app …well i have to the 31st lollol

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