Pong Wants To Encase Your Curve And Protect You Too

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Radiation of cell phones has been a hot topic for some time. Pong has created a case that proposes to drastically reduce the levels of radiation of the Curve. This is a patented case that took the study results of the SAR levels, created a solution, and have made it available to the consumer who is concerned about SAR. Radiation is an energy form. The antenna of your cell phone emits powerful radiation to receive and send calls, but t also sends that radiation into your headspace area. Pong utilizes a patented physics-based solution to redirect the flow of the energy.

This is a simple explanation of the radiation and how Pong works.

Antenna – the Source of Radiation
Without Pong, your cell phone antenna emits radiation in all directions, both to the outside and toward your head.
Transfer of Energy
The Pong technology module, optimally aligned with the phone’s internal antenna, attracts the radiative energy. The Pong Effect occurs as a pure energy transfer with no distortion due to the properties of the module material and microwave-tuned antenna design.
Chimney Effect
The unique “ladder” configuration of the Pong module moves the signal and its hazardous radiation through the Pong case like a chimney, and away from the user.
Full Signal Strength
The Pong module redirects cell phone radiation while maintaining full signal strength. You may find that your communication efficiency actually improves with the use of the Pong case.

Pong is a silicone case that’s patented and has been tested. Studies so far shows it reduces the users exposure of radiation from the cell phone by 60% which was verified by FCC-certified laboratories in independent testing. The case was tested by Cetecom labs to reduce Specific Absorption Rate (SAR, the mobile industry standard of measurement) and to even reduce intense “hotspot” cell phone radiation (The Electric Field Intensity) by 85%, as noted by PR-inside.

If you’re concerned about radiation, then this will be your solution. Cases sell for $49.95 and can be ordered from the pong website here.

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  • Freddy Martinez

    I wish blogs would mention that electromagnetic radiation is NOT dangerous. Radio waves carry a million times less energy than visible light.

    If you have 50 dollars to waste, please send it to me…

  • Adrian Mayer

    April Fools day isn’t for a couple more months. This has to be a joke.

  • Susan C

    It doesn’t state it’s dangerous, only that it’s been a hot topic for some people. And for those who art concerned, there’s a case. I have worked in the wireless industry for a few years and even have sported two phones at a time, I’m not worried. But there are some who are. I’m more worried about my cards magnetic stripe being wiped than of radiation. Please don’t read into things too seriously, it’s just the facts it’s a topic and there are cases. Just like there are apps for different tastes.

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