Hot! InstantLog v1.6 Contest For Our Readers!!!

January 25, 2010 | By | 8 Comments

We have another contest for you! Twinkler Software was generous enough to give us some copies of the updated InstantLog v1.6 for our readers. This is an app that gives you the ability to log your calls and SMS to your BlackBerry Calendar, and back them up to your IMAP email server.

So what does the contest involve? We all love free software, so what we’re asking is that you leave a comment, but also I’d like to know what your favorite Twinkler Software app is. Is it AddOnis? AddContactX? WiFiHero? Or SendX? Leave your comment with your favorite Twinkler Software app and how it’s helped you and you could win one of 15 copies of InstantLog v1.6! Hurry, the contest will end on the evening of January 27th and I will email the winners and announce them on the site.

If you don’t win a copy, you still have time to grab a copy of InstantLog v1.6 from the BlackBerry Sync App Store on sale for $3.19 until January 31st.

You can grab your copy of InstantLog v1.6 for $3.19 until Jan 31st from the BlackBerry Sync App Store here >

Good luck and let the comments begin!

Thanks for your entries, this Contest has officially closed, and I will be emailing the winners and announcing them. Thanks again.

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  • Pink2

    My favorite is AddOnis, but if I win this one, it might become my favorite!!

  • galambo

    WiFiHero is my fav and why. Because it help retain the Juice (read power) in my BB. When I don’t have access to a wi-fi, why should I have it turned on to drain the battery


  • Craig Murray

    AddContactX is a wonderful app that I use all the time. It makes it so easy to add new contact info to an existing contact or make a new one.

  • Lauren

    AddOnis is my favorite because I can use it in place of several other apps that would take up more memory.

  • Jason Vorheez

    Wifi Hero is awesome. I noticed the battery power saved since I’ve added that app to my blackberry. It’s great to have my wifi automatically go on between home and the job.

    I hope i win this so i can give this software a try too!

  • Daqie

    I adore AddOnIs because it is really like a ulitity knife for the BlackBerry, so much packed into one app.

  • Mark

    AddOnis is my fav. helps me organize my apps beter

  • Josh D

    Never ran a twinkler app before this would be the first and might be a favorite. Eager 2 find out.