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January 27, 2010 | By

Who doesn’t love free stuff?! Our friends at have decided to offer up some free unlock codes. We’re going to make this giveaway very simple… Post a comment below telling us what you would like to see come to, in terms of features, reviews, etc. The first 25 people to post a comment with that win an unlock code. It’s simple as that. Plus if we really like your idea we might just use it! So post a comment, let us know what you’d like to see and you can get a free unlock code. You can get an unlock code for any BlackBerry that CellUnlock provides their unlocking service for (see for details.

Also, be sure to include a valid email address when posting comments or you won’t win, and there is a limit of one entry per email.

UPDATE: This contest is now over. Thanks to everyone who entered.. You will be contacted soon.

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  • luis alejandro

    it would be good to see more about latin american carriers as well as features that haven’t been brought here!! also more offers on apps or free ones too hehehe

  • Bryan

    I like the site pretty much as it is …. keep the reviews coming I think that’s the best part and would like to see more. Software, hardware and accessory reviews.

  • Charley2397

    This is awesome, thanks!!!

  • Rahael Finkelstein

    More about good apps for blackberry. In my case, specifically for the Storm. Thanks.

  • Mark

    more device specific updates

  • Stella

    More vids!

  • Charley2397

    This is awesome!

  • Jessica


  • rick l

    I love all the news, updates and giveaways!

    Always the first rss thread I open in Viigo!!

    Hope this unlock code works on my Bell 9700!


  • thairy

    You are really amazing! Thanks for all things u bring to us!

  • charley2397

    More reviews.

  • Jared

    i would love an unlock code for my storm2 :)

  • Jared

    woops. premature posting. i would love to see reviews of accessories for specific groups. and some how to’s

  • Jessica

    More free themes

  • Sam K

    Here’s my entry!

  • Sam K

    I’d like to see more accessory reviews especially Blackberry specific accessories.

  • Saul

    i want a code rigth now!

  • Emma Frazier

    I would like to see apps for weather that really show the weather coming in. I really want to win one for my husband who’s deploying to Iraq. PICK ME!!!

  • joelee

    I want to unlock my blackberry 8800

  • Dee

    I luv free.

  • Dee

    More apps!

  • Freddy Martinez

    Oh I want one.

  • Gabriel

    Me me me me

  • Kevin Costain

    I’d like to see more Canadian information and content. Especially about Canadian providers like WIND Mobile. Great site!

  • Eddie H.


  • sean


  • http://www, Tommy M

    How about the first 27?

  • Janeth Leal

    Wow…! It is so nice to enter at sites like this…! Very very nice..!

  • Mary D

    i will like to see all new app for our BBerry! thanks for all the information about it!

  • summer

    Yes free is cool, but more detailed stepbystep articles about tips & tricks to help the stupid blackberry owners who want to know more or understand how different bb processes work, such as service books, Host Routing Table(what it is for)or how to have a phone set to the best settings to maximize its internet performance, when you press the (shift LGLG) & you see severe errors-how to look into the app error & fix. These are all ideas I thought could really boost people checking into the BBsync website. I sure think a lot of people would enjoy more information like this. !!!!! Summer

  • summer

    Been having difficulty accessing the bbsync site thru the mobile launcher that I downloaded for 3 days now, maybe launcher that works & I would have won my free bb unlock code! Other then my previous comment- ur site is really Wonderful!!!

  • James

    Big thanks to everyone who entered. The winners will be contacted within the next couple of days.. Stay tuned for more contests soon.

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