foursquare For BlackBerry Is Now Available In Beta!

January 22, 2010 | By | 4 Comments

One day, two step, three way, and now foursquare. You’ve read excerpts from it I’m sure, especially if you’re on Twitter or Facebook. So what is foursquare and how can you get it on the fun? I’m going to elaborate a little more on it and give you the link to try it for yourself.

I see the Twitter messages about making mayor or unlocking badges, but I was really didn’t understand what foursquare really was. So I asked some power user friends of mine who have it what it is and what they thought about it. This is what they conveyed.

It’s a location sharing app. You check in the venues you go to to share with your friends so they can keep a tab on you. You can get badges for unlocking certain achievements, and it rewards you with the “mayor” if you are the person with the most check-ins into one place. So pretty much a very useful networking social app made fun.

There are also discounts and special deals from certain vendors who also participate, especially in the US. It also syncs up with Twitter and Facebook too. It also includes an internal twitter-like status update called shouts. And of course the more friends you have, the more fun it can be. It seems to be an app or game designed to get us out of our homes and socialize.

My friend from Twitter, @thekruser, has an even better more detailed account of foursquare, and I had to include it as he plays it himself and I think it’s the most precise explanation available. You can read @thekruser’s post of foursquare here.

If you’re curious and want in on the fun, you can download the foursquare for BlackBerry here >

And to read more about foursquare, please click here on the foursquare website.

As with any beta software, please keep in mind that it is in beta, and please give your feedback and report any bugs your come across to the software developers, as they take everything into consideration and value what you have to report. Reporting and sharing makes a good app great.

Let me know what you think, maybe I’ll get a foursquare profile if enough people convince me.

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  • thekruser

    Loved the article. Thanks for the mention and the link! I will be the first to attest to the addictiveness of foursquare. I play it every day. It is definitely worth at least trying. Let me know when you do so I can friend you!

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