Fixmo Tools Beta Updates to v0.3.11

January 18, 2010 | By | 6 Comments

Fixmo has updated it’s application yet again! Updates are always good, especially when it comes ┬áto an app that acts as your missing BlackBerry Tool Box. If you haven’t tried Fixmo, you really should give it a try. The app is still in Beta version, so please keep this in mind when installing it.

So what’s new with the updates? Let’s take a look:

  • The issue with disappearing and duplicated Fixmo icons has been fixed. The issue sometimes appeared for users who tried to move one of the Fixmo icons out of the Download folder.
  • There is now only one icon for Fixmo Tools. We removed the Quick Silence icon and changed the workflow around setting Quick Silence. There are two primary way to enable Quick Silence now- USING A CONVENIENCE KEY: In order to just double click on key to quickly silence your phone, assign both the FIxmo application and the Quick Silence convenience key to the same side key-left or right. The Fixmo icon also now displays a “badge” to provide a visual cue when your device is silenced. To make this notification most effective, we recommend moving the Fixmo icon to your home page so you can readily see it.
  • In the Memory Monitor app, you should no longer see negative values for free memory.
  • Reported problems with Flame Retardant settings not being saved properly have been fixed. Flame Retardant is enabled by default upon installation.
  • For Storm and Storm2 users, the Fixmo UI displays only in portrait mode. Landscape is not supported at this time.
  • In the Battery Watch app, we have replaced the bluetooth, camera flash, WiFi, and wireless icons with a button to Manage Connections, allowing you to enable or disable your connections depending on your battery level. We are looking to provide a way for you to make these settings automatic in a future release.
  • Other cosmetic changes to Battery Watch and Memory Monitor.

If you have Fixmo Tools Beta, please open it up and read the notice to update, which will take you to the ota download. If you haven’t tried this app, you should keep it in mind.

This app has so much potential and already does so many useful things as it is. And it’s updated rather quickly. Hats off to Fixmo Corp for that! They are listening and reading feedback. Readers, please try this out and see what you think but remember that this app is in Beta version. As with all Beta versions, we are reporting issues and bugs, giving positive and constructive feedback, and helping Fixmo Corp make this app all that it has the potential to be. Share with us what you think, but share with Fixmo Corp too.

You can grab your copy of Fixmo Tools Beta v0.3.11 FREE  here >

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