First Live Shots of BlackBerry Magnum? The Bold-like Touchscreen BlackBerry Prototype

January 21, 2010 | By | 3 Comments

The first ever pictures of a BlackBerry Hybrid smartphone have hit internet. The pictures come from Twitter user @cellguru who is showing off possibly an old prototype for RIM’s rumored touchscreen/QWERTY keyboard hybrid smartphone. The device is believed to be the rumored BlackBerry code-named “Magnum” which is suppose to feature a body similar to the Bold 9000 with no trackpad/trackball, touchscreen, 3G and full QWERTY keyboard. It’s now believe that RIM has an even newer device called “Dakota” which will be smaller,  feature the updated designs of the Bold 9700, Storm2, Pearl 9100, etc., and possibly will include a trackpad. So don’t expect to see this protoype device hit the markets anytime soon, but at least its photo of what RIM has to come.

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  • Brotha Tech

    I prefer a full touchscreen, but a hybrid would be something my wife would straight-up love! RIM needs to come up with something this year…or they will fall behind all of the android hype and even further behind iphone (the truth hurts sometimes)

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