Could There Be Problems With Pointing A Finger At Your BlackBerry?

January 31, 2010 | By | 1 Comment

I’m referring to biometrics of course. Al Sacco of CIO, posted a great article, and it’s entitled: “Why Fingerprint Scanning Via TrackPad Could Be An IT Nightmare”. The article refers to the well-known security safeguards of the BlackBerry devices and that of the BlackBerry Enterprise Server corporate mail server.

RIM has recently filed a USPTO patent application that looks like RIM is going to be adding another security feature to it’s BlackBerry devices. Imagine this, a fingerprint scanner built right into the very trackpad of your BlackBerry.

There’s a history of the patent that’s evolved. Back in May of 2004 RIM filed a patent called “Apparatus and method of input and finger print recognition on a handheld electronic device.” April of 2009 they filed a related patent. This is interesting as it looks like RIM has been with that concept and idea a while.

The article also states the field and background content of the patent. It also includes that RIM introduced new API’s within some of the newest BlackBerry JDE development toolsets for “fingerprint biometric data”.

Al also related it to his experience with his ThinkPad laptop and that it became an issue for IT when several users didn’t get the device to recognize their fingerprint.

I would think this would be a BES feature to protect sensitive information, or government employees. I’m curious and looking forward to how this will be integrated, who will be endowed the feature, and how many issues will it present. I have to admit, the trackpad is a whole lot easier than the trackball, though I do love my trackball most of the time. I will miss it when I have to give it up, though the possibilities ahead are intriguing to say the least.

You can read the article by Al in detail at CIO. The article has diagrams, and is more in depth. So let us know what you think. Is the fingerprint scanner a thumbs up or thumbs down feature?

[via: CIO]

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