Who wants a Powermat!! Enter to Win 1 of 2 Powermat Wireless Charging Mats

December 10, 2009 | By


UPDATE: This contest is now closed. Stay tuned for us to announce the winners shortly. Thanks to all who played!

By now I’m sure you seen or heard of the Powermat wireless charging mat. It’s been covered right here on BBSync, plus can be found in many retail stores across North America. The generous folks at Powermat have hooked us up with a few Powermat’s to giveaway!

So up for grabs we’re offering two complete packages (one home/office mat, and one portable mat) with battery door receivers for the BlackBerry Bold 9000, Curve 8900, iPhone 3G/3GS, iPod touch, dock for any iPod, as well receivers for Nintendo DSi and DS Lite.

Each package is worth approximately $350 USD, and we’ve got two up for grabs. If there is any Tour 9630 owners out there, unfortunately we don’t have any of the receivers for your model, however you can pick it up from Powermat.com. The other sweet part is each Powermat comes with their Powercube which contains tons of universal adapters (including micro USB) so you can charge nearly any electronics. Press read more below to get contest details on how to enter…

Here’s how to enter:

  • You must be a resident of Canada or United States
  • Have valid mailing address with no PO boxes
  • Write a comment below telling us why you deserve a powermat
  • Post comment with a valid email address
  • and If you have twitter follow @blackberrysync

Simple as that! So post a comment below, and you could win!

This contest is only valid to residents within Canada or the United States. Contest ends on December 15, 2009 at 12PM EST. Winners will be contacted via email, then announced on Twitter and on this site.

Start the commenting!!

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  • Heather Hedrick

    I would really love to win one for my daughter. Thanks for a chance.

  • Stacia Davis

    I really need a Powermat because I have most all of the gadgets and phones you have mentioned. It would save me the hassle of having all these cords around. I have to look at the end of each one so I can find the one I’m looking for. This would help me organize my electronics like nothing else! Thanks and Happy Holidays.

  • Cheeky Monkey

    I want — no need — a Powermat because my wife is tired of the Medusa’s head of power cords that we have to charge all our electronic gadgets!

  • http://www.trinityairsoft.com g

    I need a powermat because I have to many gadgets and way to many wires

  • lisa

    holy moses this has all the things I need! I’ve got a bold husband has a curve 8310 and is getting in ipod touch for xmas (shhh) and my daughters got a DS! This would be the perfect chritmas gift to me!!!

  • Sean

    Hope you pick me :)

  • Sean

    I ave too many devices and cable, they p*ss me off

  • rorosz

    I need this setup because my kitchen counter is a total electrocution hazard, also it takes me a while before I can unmangle the right cord to plug in the device I need to recharge! and “if Im lying, I’m getting electrocuted!” :-)

  • http://BlackBerryLadies.Com Scarlett

    My Bold won’t last over 6 hours. This would keep me from having to change batteries a couple times a day! Thanks

  • http://droidberry.net Francisco Navarro (BBpatriotStorm)

    This would be awesome to have. Thanks guys for the opportunity to win it wish me luck haha jk. Im following you already.


  • ray rj

    I would like a powermat because i have two kids and dont like all them wires hanging around because they might hurt themselves

  • Sarana

    I am a college student and can not currently afford the many power cords necessary to charge my devices while on the road. Since I use them so much, they die when I need them most, when I am away from my home stash of chargers. The charging mat would definately keep me from tugging my many chargers around and keep me powered up! Thank you!

  • christopher reid

    I need a powermat because i have a smaller desk and anything that can cut down on the wires would be excellent. That and I love new technology.

  • Freddy Martinez

    I have absolutely no need for the Powermat at all. But I am a physicist who has deep respect for Nikola Tesla, and I know that this type of wireless energy transfer is not new. In fact, Tesla charged a field full of lightbulbs from several miles away. So while I think the Powermat is not new or particularly groundbreaking, it would be cool to look at every day and remember Nikola Tesla while I am in my office and teaching my students.

  • Chad D

    This would make a perfect travel companion for the upcoming holidays. Just one thing to pack instead of about 6 power cords! Plus what a conversation piece a Powermat would make among my friends and family.

  • Maria

    I deserve a Powermat because I follow them on Twitter and have been trying to win one from their weekly giveaway to no avail thus far :( I enter every chance I get! I just think it’s a cool concept that pushes us towards a wireless world. All my gadgets chargers always get tangled up & I feel that a Powermat would help clean it up a bit and make everything more convenient.

  • C. Payne

    I deserve a PowerMat because my wife will drive me POSTAL if she doesn’t get one. Do you have a wife? Does she want a PowerMat? You can TRULY feel my pain then, I’m sure.

  • Dave

    I would love one to help keep some clutter down

  • tim

    These Power Mats are awesome. Checked em out at Best Buy and asked santa for one.

  • Dom

    I deserve a Powermat because I have been a good boy all year :-)

  • Paul Medynski

    The Powermat is really an anti-gravity skateboard, cleverly disguised as a battery charger by the Autobots who wish for me to acquire mad skillz and become their real-life Daniel Witwicky. So obviously I’ll need one.


  • Steve M

    Powermat is taking the power charging to the next level. price needs to come down a little though.

  • kevin c

    I think you should give me the powermat because you’ll stop my girlfriend from constantly hounding me to buy it :)

    @calwell on twitter

  • Aaron

    The powermat is the ideal solution for on the go charging. Not having to mess around with wires allows for ease of use and a cleaner workspace, and being able to pickup a device from the mat, or place it on the mat without having to think about it is a dream come true. If the phone rings, you can pick it up and answer the call without having to fight with cables, and the phone can be placed back to charge while passing by!

  • Matt Hopkins

    I was checking this out in the commercial! Thanks for the chance!!!

  • Josh Douglas

    Hi, my name is Josh and I am addicted to electronics. With that said you can understand one of my needs to obtain this prized package. The other being my wife is so upset about wires and charging cables taking over our house. She loves the idea of this product but with a baby coming in a few short weeks I havn’t been able to come up with the cash to obtain such a great package. I would also like to thank BlackBerry Sync for offering up such an awesome contest. Keep up with the hard work guys and gals.

  • Matt

    That would be sweet. I have to many cradles and spare batteries and wires oh the wireless. A clean professional charge station would be a great asset. Not to mention it’s way way convenient.

  • Lisa C.

    I deserve the powermat because I have put up with my husbands wire mess long enough.

  • Mike

    I deserve one, but only because it’s not for me. I want to give it to my wife for Christmas! She has all sorts of cords for her gadgets, and the ability to simply place them on a mat on the nightstand seems like a great idea!

  • Marc

    Powermat would be really nice present to have or to give. Thanks.

  • Brody

    This would make a great tool to have as I do Research and Devlopment for our organization’s mobile fleet.


  • Mayooran

    I believe I should get a PowerMat because I always end up forgetting to have my phone charged when I leave the house and my phone always ends up dying. Since its the start of winter in Canada, this will become handy as I just simply have to place it on my table and not forget about plugging it in to charge.


  • spoggle

    I should win because it’s been a long hard year. I’ve been working at reduced pay since May. I’ve had to furlough good people while the CEO won’t let me furlough the old entrenched losers. It’s highly likely my next paycheck will be my last. My daughter wants to go to a private school that I can’t afford (could before the pay cut). And to top things off, someone used my card to buy a new computer for themselves. I could use something positive about now.

  • Mitch

    Oh how I have been wanting one of these. Everytime I find out a site is giving one away I try and try to win one. With all of the various devices I have around the house it would be soooo sweet to able able to charge them using a Powermat. Thanks for the contest.

  • Michelle

    I need one because I have too many electronics to plug in and I cannot buy anymore outlet extenders because I will blow a fuse!!

  • Roz

    I would love to win a powermat, that way I could charge 3 devices at once. Plus it would look neat while charging no messy electrical cords!!!

  • paul mccallum

    I have been diagnosed with a very rare condition known as cordophobia, this debilitating malady prevents me from enjoying even the simplest pleasures in life if there is a power cord anywhere in sight. Imagine my horror as I plug in my BlackBerry on my nightstand and try to sleep knowing there is a cord right beside my head! Please help!

  • Rob Lowe

    do i wins?

  • bubbasixx

    This would be great for me and my wife. My Storm needs to be charged every day and leaving it on this pad would be so easy. One other thing that would make this such a great thing for us is that our cats like to chew on charging cords. If i could just hide the main cord and not worry about others to get chewed on I would have to worry every night…

  • Lanna-Rae Krishka

    Ooh pick me pick me! I have a Blackberry, BB speakerphone, iPod, DS lite, so I’m always charging something. Plus I work with cell phones so when I’m not charging my phone, I’m charging a customer’s phone. It never ends! And I already follow BlackBerrySync on twitter. And I love trying new gagdets. So pick me pick me!

  • 36dbldz

    im down like charlie brown

  • Charlene Terrazas

    Because it would be awesome if I had it!

  • http://www.nolandrew.com nolan

    i hope i win

  • http://www.nolandrew.com nolan

    cuz i would be chill if i did

  • Jason

    I deserve a Powermat because my Tour constantly needs charging. This can certainly help keeping my phone up and running. I won’t even mind picking up the charging adapter for the phone eiter

  • charles

    I would love a ppwermat I could charge my blackberrys my I pod tuch,my wee,my playstion and a bunch of other things I have.

  • Ems5000

    I work as a paramedic saving lives. This would help a lot, charging our electronics between calls.

  • http://blackberrysinc.com keith

    I would like to win the skateboard,ok ok, its a powermat, but you gotta admit it looks cool .

  • Webster

    I reallly have the need for this. I find myself having to connect and disconnect my phone a million times a day while at work, and at home my daughter tends to want to play near my phone in which case she trips over the cord and knocks it down. I really would appreciate this. Thanks.

  • Tristan

    i would love it