Critical Update Alert: BlackBerry Messenger v5.0.0.57

December 23, 2009 | By | 9 Comments

Wow, BlackBerry Messenger has gone through yet another update once again. Most of us would have noticed if it hadn’t been for the outtage most of us experienced. First .33, then .55, .56, and now .57. I’m not sure what’s new but as soon as BIS service is restored, you can bet I’ll be downloading it.

*****The net has been alight with explanations of the recent outtage, and RIM did have an explanation that the outtage was due or partly due to the last versions of BBM. So please update your messenger, we don’t want another outtage. There’s only so many things you can do without service, and a BlackBerry without a working BBM is a sad thing. ****

RIM has been hard at work it seems, in these consecutive updates. There are two ways to download the BlackBerry Messenger, which is of course after our BIS is restored. One is ota download from the RIM Mobile Website or from the BlackBerry App World.

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