Tweeteev BlackBerry Client Is Still Alive… Your Thoughts?

December 23, 2009 | By | 2 Comments


Do you remember Tweeteev? The “distrubtive” twitter client. Well after not hearing from them for a while, it seems they are getting ready for a re-launch. If you’re not familiar with Tweeteev, they launched a Twitter application for BlackBerry several months ago. To put it nice the app needed a ton of work to put it in competition with apps like Tweet Genius, SocialScope, Ubertwitter, among others. The video above shows the new Tweeteev beta running live on a BlackBerry Bold 9700. The video quality sucks as it was taken with a Flip Shot camera, but hopefully you get the point.

It will be interesting once Tweeteev lets us play around with their new upgraded app. Once we know how it works, we will let you know. For details you can register to be notified at

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  • Rick Jones

    Anxious to see it with my own eyes; I guess that’s when I’ll really believe it. They have given the other apps, especially SocialScope, time to set the bar very high. I hope they do well!

  • Maybel Line