Trapster Updated To 3.5 For BlackBerry

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Trapster updated their software December 3rd. It now has voice alerts included such as: George Bush; Arnold; Austin Powers; and other various accented characters. Some of us could really use the added comfort of knowing where the police are hiding, but keep in mind some officers use this application as well.

New improvements are as follows:

Updated UI

A dynamic Virtual Radar that narrows and elongates based on the speed and direction of travel.

Sound Themes

Real Time Traffic

Trap Filtering, you decide which traps you want to know about and how you’re alerted to them

Manual Location Setting, if you don’t have GPS, just type in your zip code

Report Trap Menu so you can report the right type of trap.

For those of you who don’t know, Trapster is software for your BlackBerry that allows you to know where the speed traps are, be they cameras, live police, or hidden. It relies upon reporting speed traps from it’s users, and it’s free.

You can download the latest updated Trapster app here >

I’d like to know if anyone else has tried the software, and how accurate they find it to be. Please share your findings with us.

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