Top Five Apps For Personal Use On Your BlackBerry

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When we brought you the Holiday Guide, I promised a top five of all work and all play. This is the All Play suggestions. I’m going to give you my fave five of free and paid apps that serve as my entertainment or personal creative use.

All work and no play makes us boring, or so says the saying. So for that reason I am going to start with the play or personal apps. And I’m going to start with the free apps. I know some of these I brought up already, but they are the apps I hold in high regard, the apps I couldn’t do without on my BlackBerry because I value their convenience or the way they make time go quickly. I have three that I’ll list now before the countdown: BlackBerry Messenger (update to the latest version please!); the BlackBerry Sync App Store launcher; and the BlackBerry Sync Launcher. Now let the countdown begin!

1. Viigo. Viigo goes without saying as the most necessary and informative app. Choose your news sites to read, keep up on wireless, keep on your movies and what’s playing, what your fave sports scores are and how your teams are doing, reading classics, you name it, Viigo has it. And you can update it as often as you want to read.

2. QuickPull or Restart Me. Either one simulates a battery pull, which leaves it very convenient for you. Especially if you have your BlackBerry in an Otterbox and don’t want to extract the phone from the case.

3. Google Maps and Google Voice, since they are both Google apps. Google Maps works great and allows you to use the Google Latitude to keep in touch with friends, and be able to see where each other is. Google Voice is by invite only and allows you to call on the data side, and also to receive calls using your personal number or have a secondary phone number.

4. If you Twitter, you need either yFrog or the SocialScope, but Ubertwitter will work till then. Ubertwitter is free, but SocialScope requires an invite. yFrog is free too, and you can send videos and pictures with yFrog. Facebook is a given since it’s a service book sent to your phone, most importantly please make sure that you keep it updated.

5. Pandora Radio. Yes, there’s Slacker too, and while I have an account for both, I use Pandora most. It lets you customize a radio station based upon what you like to listen to.

So there’s the free apps that adorn my BlackBerry, now I’ll get to the paid entertainment that I have on my BlackBerry. These are the apps I’d recommend to anyone.

1. BerryBuzz and Color ID are two of my faves. I use the two together for this reason. BerryBuzz allows me to choose a different color LED and whether it will vibrate or not with each alert. I have five different emails on my BlackBerry, and I can also change the SMS and MMS texts a different color too. So I know what I’m getting when. BerryBuzz is available in the BlackBerry Sync Store normally for $5.95, but if you hurry you can purchase it for $2.97 until January 1st. Furthermore, I can use the Color ID to give each of my contacts a different color duo so the LED will flash two different colors for each contact for both phone numbers and emails even if it’s more than one. So calls, SMS texts, and emails will all light up for each contact of my choosing. Color ID is available in the BlackBerry Sync Store normally for $5.99 but again if you hurry you can purchase it for only $2.99 until January 1st.

2. BerryWeather. I know many of you still like the free weather apps, however with BerryWeather I get the alerts, can make the app into my Wallpaper so that I can see the weather just glancing at my phone. I can also hold up to ten different locations so I can see how my brother, family, and friends are doing from all sorts of places. BerryWeather is available in the BlackBerry Sync Store for $9.95 and it includes free updates through 2. version.

3. Personal Use for me is a promise to keep healthier, and here’s my recommended one.  FitDeck Mobile for the BlackBerry which is the Navy Seal workout requiring no hardware but the body you’re toning and it has a variety of exercises for each area of your body. Fit Deck Mobile is available in the BlackBerry Sync Store for $7.99.

4. AddOnIs which is both work and play. This application has several in one, and it’s the total tool kit for anyone. It has the white and black list for calls, logs calls to the Calendar, buzzes when you make a successful call or lose the call or hang up. This is definitely one to have. AddOnIs is available in the BlackBerry Sync Store for $9.95, but is on sale till January 1st for $4.97 so hurry.

5. Picture Magic because sometimes you like to have a little bit of fun with your pics, and this is an app that allows you to take a pic, add balloons, lips, etc, and texts so you can have some fun out with your friends or send a birthday MMS text. Picture Magic is available in the BlackBerry Sync Store for $7.99.

Those are my fun to have apps, that I use for keeping up with the world, with my family and friends, and lightening life up a bit. What are your faves free and paid? Share them with us, we’d like to know. Let’s see how many we all use and how many we haven’t tried.

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