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When the Palm Pre first launched, one of the coolest features was the ability to wirelessly charge the device by setting it on the TouchStone dock. Well a new product called Powermat is here to do the same thing for nearly all mobile devices. The Powermat is a wireless charging solution designed for a range of devices, including BlackBerry, iPhone, iPod, Nintendo, etc. So the first question you’re probably wondering is how does this thing wirelessly charge my device? Basically Powermat provides a variety of battery doors with magnetic spots on them that transfer the charge right to the built in battery. For devices that battery doors aren’t compatible with such as the new BlackBerry Bold 9700, they offer a Universal Receiver that includes a variety of charging tips and a magnetic dock. Curious to know more about the Powermat? Continue reading this review…

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The design of the Powermat looks great. It features a large black surface with three spots to charge different devices at the same time. Powermat has been stylishly designed to look great no matter where you place it… Your office, desk, bed side table, nearly anywhere. The charging battery doors for iPhone, iPod, and BlackBerry are interesting. The battery door for the iPhone and iPod fit similar to a hard protective case. It wraps around the entire body to give protection, as well the charging contact on the back. The battery doors for BlackBerry are similar to the ones that come with the phone, but just thicker for the magentic contact on the battery door. Unfortunately the battery door for the Bold 9000 does not sport the leather back like the OEM one. See the pictures at the end of this review to get a feel for it.



Powermat currently offers battery door receivers for Apple iPhone 3G/3GS, iPod touch, BlackBerry Bold 9000, Curve 8300 series, Curve 8900, Pearl 8100 series and now Tour 9630. If your device isn’t listed? Well that’s OK, because Powermat has designed this neat thing called Powercube which includes tips for 8 different charging tips to plug in, and wirelssly charge your device. The Powercube exactly what it sounds like a magentic cube with a USB adapater that the tips connect on to. This means anyone with an Apple, LG, Samsung, Sony, Nintendo DSI, DS Lite, MicroUSB, or MiniUSB charger can take advantage of the Powermat. At the time this review was written Powermat does not have battery doors for some of the newer BlackBerry models such as Storm, Storm2, Bold 9700 or Tour 9630, they’re excepted soon.



The Powermat home/office mat (seen in this review) will cost you about $100 USD, plus the cost of a receiver. BlackBerry receivers (battery and battery door) run you about $30, iPhone or iPod receivers are $40, Nintendo receivers are $30. The Powercube with multiple universal adapters is included in the package. Our next review will be covering the Portable mat, which features the same three charging spots, in a more compact design for traveling. Stay tuned for that.

Overall Thoughts:

I love the idea of the Powermat. I no longer have wires for all my iPod, BlackBerry, and other gadgets. It looks great, and stays on my desk at all times. The only thing that I wish is they had support for some of the newer BlackBerry devices out of box. The Powercube is a great idea for those who switch devices often, such as myself. The eight different tips allow compatibility with a wide variety of devices, including portable gaming systems like PSP and Nintendo DS. The one question everyone wants to know… Is it worth the cost? $100 does seem a little high for some, but for those who are sick of wires and love gizmos – this is a must have. The Powermat will make a great present this Holiday season for friends . I might also suggest watching for our Powermat Portable review which will be coming in the next few weeks!

Where to Buy:

You can pick up the Powermat directly from their website ( for $99.99 USD for either the Home/Office or Portable Mat.




  • Charging Pad is Stylish and Looks great on desk
  • Battery Doors are Available for Wide Variety of Models
  • Large range of Universal adapters included in box (called PowerCube)
  • Sweet connection noise (can be muted)


  • Slight humming noise comes from Powermat during charging
  • Currently no battery doors available for BlackBerry Storm, Storm2, or Curve 8520/8530
  • Pricing is a little high, considering cost of each battery door receiver
  • Can’t use battery door with any other cases or skins

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