Kobo eBooks For BlackBerry For Reading On The Go

December 17, 2009 | By | 4 Comments


Borders Group has launched an eBook reader and service with Kobo for the BlackBerry is available for free from the kobo website. They plan to offer 1.8 million free books and a few thousand priced at $9.99. This app will work with any BlackBerry OS 4.5 or greater.

In looking at the website I noticed there are five pages of books that you pay $7.99 and up in the New Releases section and in the Free section they currently offer 109 ebooks, and several Categories to choose from. Kobo is actually a spinoff from Indigo Books & Music.

If you’re interested in saving some time and money, and would rather have your books on your BlackBerry instead of having another pricey gadget to carry for books, then Kobo is your app.

You can go to the Kobo website by clicking here and just type in your email and submit for ota links for the reader and ebooks. Let us know what you think, after all you have nothing to lose since it’s free.

You can read more about the Kobo ebook service and readers here.

[via: BlackBerry Cool]

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