Gwabbit’s Announcement And An Exclusive With Todd Miller

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A special thanks goes out to Kristi of gwabbit let us know that Tuesday, December 8th, there will be a free version of the automatic contact management solution released. The free version will be available exclusively on the BlackBerry App World. There are a few differences between the software, and we’re sure it’s a great introduction to the gwabbit software.

The free version includes an alerting feature that is interesting. It informs the contacts by email when their contact information has been added to a friend or colleagues address book using gwabbit, according to the details.

We also would like to thank Kristi and Todd as we had the opportunity to conference in call with Kristi and Todd Miller, the President and CEO of gwabbit. We are very familiar with gwabbit, have reviewed it, and I have it on my BlackBerry as it’s been a great asset and time saving app for me, and it’s extremely convenient. For the price it is a year, extremely helpful. We’ve also conference called with Todd in the past and he’s very easy to speak to and an eloquent speaker. He also has vision, which is very insightful.

I asked Todd of what brought on the release of a free version and he stated for exposure of their premium application. Statistics show that the average BlackBerry user adds about 300 contacts a month and some even adding as many as 1000! What I really like about gwabbit is the fact that after a few seconds of reading an email, the rabbit comes up asking if you’d like to make them a contact and it does so by using the contact information from the signature. You have the choice to decide yes or no. And it also updates the information for you. No more copy and paste, which is how the idea of gwabbit came to be. Todd had come to realize Microsoft Outlook was missing this feature and it turned from an idea to a real app.

Todd also spoke about the “contact cloud service” that will possibly be released in the first half of 2010. The opportunity with alerts will help to fine tune the project. This task is no easy task as others have found out. This is really exciting. Especially for professionals who wouldn’t have to worry about updating their information with every single contact in the past.

I asked Todd where he sees the future of gwabbit in a year from now, and what other projects were in the works, what other types of areas or features would be incorporated, and if there were other apps in the works. Todd said the cloud is a huge part of the vision, that it speaks to a problem, as it’s automatic. It would help be aware when contact information changes, sync contacts, and there’s several opportunities.: sales scores, address changes, etc.

This can have many uses not only for personal users, but enterprise as well. Right now gwabbit is in the process of wrapping up some pilot projects as well. The top 3 law firms for Microsoft Exchange have been harvesting contacts, for use with applications, and adapting for an Enterprise cloud. This means there could be a public cloud, Enterprise clouds, the possibilities are many.

Even the mention of a release for gwabbit for Droid in the future was mentioned.

This new release is exclusive in BlackBerry App World and there will be no other direct link to obtain it. I can see this being a great way to introduce users to gwabbit and let them decide what they think of the value and the easy use of the app could bring. I’ll let you know why I especially am fond of this app. For one the convenience which I can’t state enough. If you haven’t tried it, you need to. Especially if you have a lot of contacts. Two, the reliability of it. Three and this is really the icing: the superior customer service of gwabbit. You can email them and they address the issue quickly and efficiently. No automated replies, no waiting for days or weeks, they answer and they resolve quickly and email you until satisfaction has been reached. I like knowing that I don’t have any issues because they are resolved quickly. Customer service is hard to find, especially one that is fast to reply.

If you are curious about gwabbit, you can find it in the BlackBerry Sync Store. You can read our review of gwabbit here.  There is also a free trial available, which is a great way to see what the app can do. It is compatible with OS 4.2, 4.3, 4.5, 4.6, 4.7, 5.0

You can gwab your copy of gwabbit for $9.99 from the BlackBerry Sync Store here

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