Did you know? Send/Receive Email and BBM over Wi-Fi

December 9, 2009 | By | 21 Comments

Capture22_56_9So I’ve owned my Bold 9700 for about a month now, and everyday I seem to learn something new. Today was the first time I’ve ever setup a Wi-Fi network, and with that I learned something very neat. Did you know that if you use Wi-Fi, and turn on your mobile network that you can use BlackBerry Messenger and Email? I was able to carry on full conversations on messenger without any delay or issue. We’ve tested this on the BlackBerry Bold 9700 and Storm2 9550 and it worked…

Anyone out there with another Wi-Fi BlackBerry want to try this? We have a feeling your device needs OS 5.0 to do this. Thoughts?

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  • rivalejo

    well i have a curve 8320, and wifi networks have powered the blackberry capabilities since i got it… though it has to have a sim card in place, even if the radio is off.

  • IronHide

    Nope…..I have a Bold and have been using WiFi to connect to BIS since 4.6.

    We do not have 3G down in my neck of the woods, so WiFi is a Godsend!

    I will NEVER buy a Smartphone without WiFi!!

  • Jedifire11

    I have a Tour and Bold. My Bold is Wifi only and I don’t have a SIM card in it and I keep the radio off. Tried testing BBM with these two and it will come up as pending on one device, but it won’t come through with the request on the other device, however on the requesting device will bring up the profile of the other device. Any ideas?

  • http://www.gavincampbellonline.com Gavin

    Whenever I travel I use WiFi to connect to my email and bbm. The radio is set to data off when roaming but I can do everything else once I find a WiFi hotspot.

  • danilo

    or coure email and bbm works on wifi only… if not, what wifi would do if not browsing, receiveng and sending email and bbm????

    i always use wifi to send / receive emails and bbm and browsing at my home with my wifi modem and when i’m abroad i use wifi with data connection in off, since the first day i had my bb bold,

    it’s obvious that it works, come on!


  • Piper975

    Have the 8350i and just tested with radio off and works no problem on build in Canada with wifi.

  • dbltap

    Now take it to the next level…. I used my 9700 on an American Airlines flight with GoGo wifi. I was able to carry on BBM chats for the entire flight.

  • http://blackberrysinc.com keith

    I should have waited one mor
    e month.I’m stuck with storm1,

  • Eriç

    Oh bloody hell. I’m finding myself wanting a Bold 9000 now. The speakers and the wi-fi make it even more appealing. Or I’ll just wait for the Tour2(Essex).

  • oakie

    this hasnt been “news” since the 8120 and 8320.

    and fyi for UMA users, calls are not blocked on GOGO wireless flights. i made a call on Virgin America recently using my 9700 and their in-flight wifi during a redeye.

    you just cant do it when the whole passenger cabin is using the system, though, as there’s not enough bandwidth to support the call. but if you’re on a redeye, can talk quietly/brought a good headset, and have an empty or sleepy cabin, you’re good to go to call whomever.

  • http://www.jessekanclerz.com/blog Jesse Kanclerz

    I have the Curve 8900 and UMA calling is a godsend when I’m visiting the folks house. My carrier has no signal out in the boondocks and wifi is the only way for me get calls and texts.

  • Hemant

    Hi Guys,

    I am the new user of Blackberry 8250 curve. can any one clear my simple doubt.

    i have blackberry messenger in my cell, if i want to add any one through pin number should i require NET to connect it.
    i mean to use BBM for chatting n adding should we require Internet Facility.

    pardon if its illogical question. ;)

  • MANI

    hi i have a blackberry 9000 which i bought of the net and would like to use the BBM….is it possible to use it via wi-fi at home? as i would not be using it out…or do i have to get the service from my provider? :P


  • unknown

    heyyy can u pls tl me how to just use wifi for bbm widout subscribn for service provider?

  • Michael

    Hey I’ve been using the bb service since I have a service plan in my home town but I travlled and had wifi in my house through wifi I’ve been using the services but when I changed sim cards and put the original back I’m connected to the wifi but I still can’t use bbm or email but the Internet work :s can some one please help thanks

  • Peko

    BBM ONLY works on data plan! Wifi won’t work on BBM~ I had the same question, and did some searches for it. After i added my data plan, it works just perfect!

  • Mario

    as previously said BBM will not work just using wifi but must be in sync with Data service from a SIM card provider. Wifi for BBM nothing more just to help reducing data usage upon browsing or downloading applications.

  • Basit Khan

    Hi, I can not use BBM and email on bold 9700 through wifi. please help me what i have to do? i m new user of blackberry.what is UMA?and what is it’s functions? please if anyone can help me plz email me the sollution on khanbasit@yours.com. thanks guys on advance

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