Could RIM Be Facing A Ban On BlackBerry Imports?

December 7, 2009 | By | 1 Comment


Prism Technologies LLC filed a complaint that could lead to an import ban on our beloved BlackBerry devices. According to Enterprise Security Today, the Nebraskan company filed a lawsuit in Nebraska against RIM and also filed a complaint with the U.S. International Trade Commission last Wednesday. The very same company recently settled a patent infringement suit 3 months ago with Microsoft.

Prism is alleging that RIM’s BlackBerry phones, servers, and their desktop software all infringe on an authentication process patent that works with the digital services consumers use online. The Trade Commission is a federal agency that takes action against unfair trade practices that use patent, trademark, and copyright infringement. It also has the ability and authority to order U.S. Customs officials to block goods from coming into the U.S. This could be a concern, as one of the phones Prism pointed to was the Curve 8330, which is made in Canada and Mexico. The Curve has consistently outsold the iPhone, and it’s been solid in sales. Hopefully, this won’t happen. Especially since I am very fond of my Tour which is also made in Mexico.

Rim is denying the allegations and putting up a fight. Hopefully this is all solved soon and a Ban doesn’t occur, but only time will tell. I would absolutely be livid if there were a ban and it’s my time to upgrade.

What are your thoughts on this? We really want to know…anyone care to predict an outcome?

[via: Enterprise Security Today]

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  • AlucardFair

    Wow, can people just not get enough of screwing with companies? I’ve been a big follower of RIM/BlackBerry for about 14 months now. Started off with my Pearl(Mexico product) and now have my Tour(also mexico product). This is a big turn off to people, and being a great fan/ theme developer for the BlackBerry Devices, I don’t want this happening.