Conquer Your Inbox and Tasks With Viira 2.0, The Comprehensive GTD App For BlackBerry

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The First BlackBerry GTD App to consolidate your email, contexts, projects, and appointments in one painless and seamless productivity app has arrived: Introducing Viira v2.0 by Karta Mobile Inc. Viigo has taken its already full featured app and included several industry firsts, bringing David Allen’s “Getting Things Done” principles and productivity system into the very hands of professionals, executives, and entrepreneurs.

Chris from Karta Mobile Inc, let us know that the new version has been released. Viira contains the features and capabilities that will assist you to take charge in your fast paced busy life and find yourself enjoying stress-free productivity.

For email, this is what the features and the advantages are:

Projects and Contexts
Assign any item in Viira’s organizational system to a project, a context or both.
Next Action
Quickly and easily assign the next action for each project, context or day.
Email Tasks
Create to-dos and reminders from your incoming emails so that you never forget to reply to that important email.
Order your tasks by priority. Use your BlackBerry’s VolUP and VolDown button to move things up/down on your priority list.
Day View
View your day’s appointments, reminders and objectives at a glance.
Recurring Events
Recurring events and appointments such as weekly meetings or ongoing commitments are fully supported.
Day Tasks
A Viira-only feature allows you to assign days to your tasks, reminders and email tasks.
Appointments In Your GTD system
All your appointments are full members of your GTD system. Assign a project or context to an appointment, order it by priority, even designate it as the next action.
Overdue Task Area
Unfinished tasks from yesterday will appear in the Overdue Tasks area of your Day View for today.
Seamless Calendar Integration
Viira seamlessly integrates with your BlackBerry Calendar, ensuring that you never miss an appointment no matter where it is created or accepted from.
Multi-Calendar Support
BlackBerry devices maintain one calendar account for each configured email address. Viira seamlessly integrates with all the calendar accounts.
Works On All BlackBerries
Viira is compatible with all modern BlackBerry models.

“Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity” is a work-life productivity book by David Allen which shows its readers how to effectively organize tasks, information, and communications in a way that works for them intuitively. This app works with those principles, bringing productivity to your daily work-life. You can conquer your inbox by making to-do lists from your emails, file them in the right place, implementing efficiency. Keep track of all your tasks from work and life on your phone, and keep them off your mind so you’re free to think.

There’s another benefit, the app works on the BlackBerry and does not require internet service. Therefore if you’re in a heavily congested service area, no worries, the app is there for you.

There is a 21 day free trial available for Viira, so you are able to drive before you buy. Or you can purchase Viira for $29.99 or upgrade from the previous version for $19.99. Download your copy of Viira here from the KartaMobile website.

Viira is compatible with all the newer BlackBerry devices. Ask not what you can do for your  BlackBerry, ask what your BlackBerry can do for you.

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