Changing Your Ringtones And Alerts On Your BlackBerry

December 5, 2009 | By | 2 Comments

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Today I ran across a question that I answered that brought me to writing this tips and tutorial on how to change the Alerts. It can be frustrating and some of us prefer vibrate, some a tone, some loud, some low. So I’m going to walk you through it with ease. You can choose the Ring Tone, the Volume, Sound in Holster. You can choose what you hear to be notified and how.

For those of you with OS 4.5, you’re going to start with the horn icon that says profile. You click on profiles, and set your active profile. You click back in again, and scroll down, yes there’s another option further down. There you will see Advanced. Click on this and then click on the active profile. You will click on each option and you can choose vibrate, and the volume. My advice to you is unless you’re going to have a charger on hand for your phone through the day, use normal or silent. Vibrate and loud will use more battery, but it’s your preference. You can choose your ringtone, volume level, etc. This is especially good for changing the alerts on each app and email on the phone.

For those of you with 4.6,  4.7, and 5.0, you’re going to click on the horn icon but now it’s entitled Sounds. You can scroll down to Set Ring Tones/Alerts and click on it. You will be automatically where you need to be. Here you’ll see Phone, Messages, Instant Messages, Reminders, and Other. Phone has only one option, Messages will be your emails, texts alerts, and pin, Instant Messages will be your messengers, Reminders is Calendar and Tasks, and Other is the other will be browser and any other apps you’ve installed that have alerts available. If you click on each one, you can set the ringtone, the Volume, The Sound in Holster, LED, and vibration. Some of them will also have the option to notify during calls. You can turn the LED to off, sound in holster to off.

This includes Twitter apps, the BlackBerry Messenger (individuals and groups), and any other apps you install. It’s very easy to change. If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, please let me know.

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  • Joe

    The only unanswered question so far, why can’t you set the number of times for alerts. In all my other BB’s you could choose the number of times the alert tone would repeat. Now with the Tour I can only get one audible tone but I can change Vibrate with many options. Maybe I’m just missing something but I don’t like it.

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