BlackBerry Outtage, Messenger Update, And Survivalist Guide To BMR

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If you’re reliant on your BlackBerry as most of us are, you surely felt the loneliness of the outtage. BBM, email, and pins were down with service for the most part. Twitter was flying with tweets about the outtage, and hopes that it would resume. Finally between two and three am Mountain Time, the service was restored.

During: Now I know while I waited, it was the most quiet my phone had been, except for texts and calls. BerryWeather showed the weather update at 3:40 on my phone as the last update and failed in the bottom, and here it was evening. Twitter wasn’t updating on my phone, and so I felt even more sad. I even kept in touch through the GoogleTalk Messenger, and of course Twitter. I spent my evening writing and reading, even noting through the BlackBerry App World that the new BBM was posted, but I was heartbroken knowing there was no way to try it out, and that I’d have to wait. Nothing like being an insomniac with a tremendous caffeine addiction that is always fixed, having to wait. So I waited till service was restored.

RIM has also made known the issues with the previous BBM updates and are urging users to upgrade their BBM to the latest build. Including an official message from the BlackBerry Network Administrator.

The message is as follows:

From: BlackBerry Network Administrator
Subject: BlackBerry Messenger Software v5.0.0.57 Update Available
Sent: Dec 23, 2009 12:56 PM
A new version of BlackBerry® Messenger software is now available. If you are currently running version or of BlackBerry Messenger, please upgrade to version as soon as possible. This version addresses issues with versions and
To download the most current version of BlackBerry Messenger software, please visit and follow the on-screen instructions. Please note that the software update is available free of charge, however downloading and using applications over the wireless network may incur data usage charges depending on your service plan. Please check with your airtime service provider for information about service costs.  If you have any questions about this update, please visit
Thank you,
Research In Motion Limited

As soon as service was restored I had downloaded the BBM updated version. On my first attempt I found my phone displaying a cod error. I attempted the second time, and while download took a few to start, it did install and at first left my phone a little slow.  I’m not sure it it was because it was coming out of the coma or if the update had shocked it a bit. I heard that other users received the cod errors more than once and I’m curious to know how many of us did. Please share your findings with us.

I know during the outtage, this seems like the second one I’ve known that lasted a while, I found myself writing and checking my phone. I was so grateful that RIM came through and fixed it. It was a long day, and it felt odd not being able to communicate on the BBM with my family and friends. At least I had found a few things on line to entertain me.

So what do you do after such a “fiasco”? How do you survive the BlackBerry Outtage? When service returns, the best thing to do is to go through the following steps if you haven’t done so already. BlackBerry Outtage vets have learned them already.

Service begins to flicker, so how do you give BlackBerry Mobile Resuscitation to your phone to revive the service?  The best thing to do when you’re sure your service is up is start with the following steps.

A. Options/Advanced Options/Host Routing Table. From there, please be sure that you press the Options button and choose “Register Now”. For those with world enabled BlackBerry smartphones, please go to Options/Mobile Network, and be sure that your Network Technology is at 1XEV or whatever your carrier has set for your home area. If you are in the states and it’s on Global, you won’t get the full results.

B. Next step is to go to “Manage Connections” and click on it. Uncheck the Mobile Network box and wait for service to come to a total stop. Then check back when it is at a standstill. You should see your bars and network symbols go.

C. As your service starts coming through, go to your Email SetUp. This is important, make sure that you go and send your service books to your phone. First go to Email Setup,  log in if it asks you to, and depending what OS and BlackBerry you have, you either click your Options button and scroll down to Help and then click on Service Books or Send Service Books, or you click the Options button and then scroll down to Service Books and click. This will bring back your email to your phone.

Of course make sure your apps are connecting to the internet, and refresh. That’s really about it.

Make sure that you update your BlackBerry Messenger too, just in case it really did have something to do with the outtage. And let us know if you too, experienced fail or cod errors while trying to download BBM at first.

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  • DavidB

    Those are nice recovery steps, but all you really need to do is a battery pull.

    From my BlackBerry Storm…

  • lannarae

    I updated to the new BBM yesterday and got no errors.

  • AlucardFair

    I experienced the cod error the first go around. Then on the second attempt I got the server was busy about a quarter through the download and it failed. Thus being said, BBM went missing. 3rd attempt, I had 17 errors that my group events were denied. Calendars, lists etc… Needless to say, it froze up my phone. Did one battery pull and everything was in order. Not sure what the problem was, but it was very annoying.

  • Susan C

    Sometimes a battery pull doesn’t resolve the issue. I’ve worked in wireless a long time, and there’s always a few of those who the battery pull doesn’t work for. I had a few even try wiping their phone(first outtage, no instructions), or the battery pull and nothing so these steps are for those few who weren’t able to resolve it using the obvious.

  • Nick Bramly

    The only thing was to uninstall BBM .55 since i noticed spell check missing, updated to .56 still no difference,then i knew we had an issue. uninstalled .56 Bold back to normal with out BBM. BBM v.57 installed all well now. Merry Christmas to you All.

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