Be In A Movie Preview, You And Your BlackBerry Via Facebook

December 24, 2009 | By | 2 Comments

You have to see this, it’s really a fun entertaining way to share laughs with family and friends. It’s called the One Step Ahead Movie and it’s actually an advertisement for the Bold 9700 and AT&T, but this is one advertisement they deserve kudos for. It’s amazing how they are able to bring you into it with your Facebook friends.

The reason this one appeals to me is because I grew up with the James Bond movies, 007 is the man! And I have to admit, I did get caught up in SpyMaster on Twitter too, only because of the spy thing. I love the Spy movies and Enemy Of The State, all those espionage movies, so this is really a treat, and it’s always different Facebook friends you’ll see every time you watch. Oh yes, be careful, you might find yourself watching it a couple of times. Remember, be kind and share.

If you have a Facebook and a BlackBerry, you can click here to watch your movie.

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  • syclone1978

    Thanks for the post and link but I can not get it to work. It says to connect with my Facebook and then loads and sits at Initializing and does nothing. I tried several times and nothing. Any suggestions?

  • Susan C

    Be patient or try a different browser. I tend to use Chrome on my pc just for the convenience. It has worked consistently, it just takes a few minutes, like up to four or five at times, but it will play. Try the Chrome if you’re using IE.