A Look At Alienation By Built By Request

December 28, 2009 | By | 1 Comment

This is a theme worthy of your attention. And since the theme I did was Space, I decided to bring you in to look more closely at Alienation. This theme reminds me of the XFiles, it has that alien feel to it, and it also has the eerily glow to the Alien.

Built By Request has several different themes available for different BlackBerry devices. There are two types: Basic and User-Interactive. AlucardFair’s Curve themes feature quite the variety, including New Moon, Baby themes, and so many more. And they’re all free, but I do advise to donate or comment and show your support. This theme and there others done by the talent of AlucardFair, though his work is too detailed to fall under Fair, more like precision, intense and extreme details.

This theme appealed to me for a few reasons. One, it’s a beautiful example of a premium theme. The wallpaper is yours to customize, the screens are bright, and when I installed the theme I found there were even more surprises waiting.

I installed this theme on my BlackBerry Tour 9630. There are both zip and ota files available. You can activate right from the install. It was really easy and the next thing I knew my homescreen became bright green. This theme leaves your basic icons so that you don’t have to find all your files and apps again. It’s familiar yet it’s different.

When you hold the alt button plus a number, let’s start with one, the homescreen changes.


1. Plain Alien

2. White flash in upper right corner behind Alien

3. Flashing Alien

4. Only five icons on the bottom of the Alien (Hides the first set of icons)

5. No icons except one behind the Alien (Hides the second set of icons)

6. No icons with only flashing Alien (Hides the third set of icons)

7. 2 icons to the left with Alien flashing (Unhides the first set of icons)

8. 7 icons around the Alien (Unhides the second set of icons)

9.  8 icons around the screen (Unhides the third set of icons).

To stop the flashing Alien, hold alt + 1.

Clicking the menu button rolls the main screen up and the icon menu appears. Messages are on a black screen with the bright green, messages in grey and the neon green highlight. When you click the menu button, the menu comes from the bottom. The menus are all black with the neon green and grey text, which gives me a Matrix feel too. The menu rises and falls from the bottom, making it interesting with the color theme.

You can see the colors, the way it flows, my phone didn’t freeze up once, and there were so many neat surprises. I think the colors all look well together, giving the phone a futuristic feel and look. All from a free app. I know that some of his themes even have sounds, and he does create them by request. I invite you to check out his gallery of themes, and if you suggest or request a theme, please remember to donate or leave a comment.

While I’ve seen several themes, paid and free, I really like the customization you can choose, the well done menus and colors, and the overall flow of the theme. Let me know what you think.

You can pick up this theme or others from the Built By Request website here >

[rating: 5/5]

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