Rumor: BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) 3.0 and 3.1 – Coming Early 2010

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A new rumor is floating around the internet about two new version of BIS (BlackBerry Internet Service), which supposedly will launch early 2010.The first would be version 3.0 which will include enhanced updates for Google Synchronization, which is said to be launching in March 2010 (but we all know how RIM likes to be late). Shortly followed after that would be BIS version 3.1 which would bring even more new synchronization features including: Google Calendar, Hotmail Address Book, and Yahoo! Address Book syncing.

BIS 3.0 (March 2010):

  • Improved the Gmail plugin:
    • Synchronization deleted messages, read / unread and sent between the box and your own Gmail (so far worked only in the opposite direction)
    • The ability to add and remove labels from your device

BIS 3.1 (Soon after):

  • Synchronize Google Calendar
  • Synchronize your address book from Hotmail account
  • Synchronize your address book from Yahoo
  • Yahoo mailbox will cause an automatic download of Yahoo messenger on the device
  • [via BerryReview, BBLeaks]

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