Overview of Caller ID Faker App for BlackBerry

November 23, 2009 | By | 13 Comments

Caller ID Faker

There’s always a new app or program floating around that catches my eye, this was one of them. Out of curiosity, I thought I would find out more as to what it is and what it does. There’s some information on it online.

The website promotes it as the best program for faking caller ID ever. The sole purpose I had was to bring awareness of the app, I never condoned using it for harmful intent and I know there are advertisements all over the internet of these applications and was curious about it. Just remember, as with all programs there is a legal and illegal way to use an application. The app for the program is available for download to BlackBerry as well as other mobiles. I can see where this app could be fun, playing a joke on your friends (not in a malevolent way), your daughter or son won’t answer their cell, or call an unknown number that  you don’t know comes through to your phone…those are times you might want to call with a number other than your’s. This article was not intended for use in any harmful purpose, it was only to bring attention to apps that are out there.

When downloading the app you agree to use the app in compliance with the laws.

The website can be found online if you search however I am going to stress the following, we don’t condone the use of the app for harmful intent, only letting others know what is out there. Any search done online will bring a result of apps that are available online that provide this service. As with any app, there is a good and bad side to it, and using it illegally still makes it illegal. There is nothing wrong if both parties are aware, or as I had stated, a way for a parent to reach their child. The article wasn’t intended to promote use of an app in an illegal way. It was only to bring awareness that there are apps out there that do this.

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  • http://blackberry.com mavin

    thankkkkkkk youuuuuuu

  • http://blackberry.com mavin


  • calvin

    Why can’t I download app

  • MLT

    Blackberry… this whole apps sounds very, very, very litigious. Lawsuits will soon be pursued, and if you want to be entangled when a crazy stalker tricks someone and does serious harm – then go ahead, lower yourselves to this level. ENTERING into someone else’s call log to the point that you prompt the picture of someone else in the receiver’s phone to appear: their name, and their number appear on your screen with this app is NOT entertaining. This was done to my 16 year old daughter tonight and she was literally frightened. I will pursue the legality of this for quite some time.

    Her phone rang – she looked at it, saw her bofriend’s pic, his name, his number… answered it, and the strange (computer altered) male voice was on the other end). She thought he was in danger… this app is no joke. Good luck with the law suits.

  • Susan C

    MLT, I can understand you being upset, the article does not promote pranking in cruelty and it does state that there is legality involved. The app is not exclusive to BlackBerry smartphones, it is also available for any phones out there including Droids. If you search the internet, you’d find this is not the only application that does this sort of thing. The article did not promote someone to do something out of cruelty, only bringing awareness of what programs are out there.

  • mamma

    I downloadded it and it does not work

  • kiehauna

    I raly want this app

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