Introducing RobLock v3.0 by Vapssky for Verizon!

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RobLock by Xim Technologies, LLC, has released it’s next version, and it’s only available to Verizon US handsets. I’ve done a review on RobLock before, as it’s a security app that is reasonably priced and keeps your BlackBerry safe. It is theft recovery software complete with data backup solution.

Now here’s what the absolute 2.0 features:

GPS and cell based device tracking, using Google Maps; the ability to communicate with your lost or stolen phone by SMS, email, or web interface; be alerted by sms or email if the SIM card is changed; the ability to recover your contacts from a lost phone; remote wipe the ENTIRE device AND media card; remote lock and alarm; remote call back; remote popup text messages; does not require BIS/BES for complete wipe.

Now here’s where 3.0 is different. It has a unique backup system. It has remote backup and restore; view and export backup online; schedule automatic backups; restore to a new device; and secure data handling on top of the RobLock Theft and Recovery System. For recovery, we’re talking calendar, tasks, memo, up to fifty emails, and your contacts.

As I have the absolute v2.0 of RobLock, they notified me about their newest version, so I had to try this out. I have to admit, it’s impressive. While v2.0 is only $9.95, the newer v3.0 for Verizon has three tiers of pricing. $2.95 per month, $15.95 bi-annually, or $27.95 per year. Not bad when you think about the backup system and the security it provides.

I downloaded this version on my Tour 9630, and it went very smooth. I was able to download it with no issues whatsoever. Upon installation, it’s red button icon. You have to set an acct online and on the phone. After setting up the account, the icon will open with your password to reveal the Roblock Theft Recovery System and the Roblockup Data Backup Solution. You have backup and restore. In the Theft Recovery System, you can even have an email contact to email for your phone.

Now should you lose your phone or if it gets lost, you are given different options. You can lock the phone with or without a siren, wipe it, even have the phone silently call you in hopes that you may be able to figure out who has your phone, or where it is by it’s surroundings. Even better, how bout tracking it GPS?  You can change the device, you have the power on your phone. And you have options to back up information. It’s a great solution for on hand backup, for protecting your mobile information, and knowing it’s safe.

Using the Control Panel, I couldn’t wait to put it to the test. After registering and activating the account, you open it up and you have the Overview. This is general information such as the email, the phone, Connection, Profile, Subscription, and change device.

Next is your Commands. First is Where. You can see the coordinates of your phone, first by tower information and then by GPS information. Next is Lock Phone and you have the choices of with or without alarm. Now even if it’s on vibrate or mute, you can be sure the alarm will still sound and it will be loud! The police siren is a nice finishing touch. Next is Unlock. This allows the previous command to be taken off. Next is Remote Wipe, and thankfully you have to confirm before you do, so just checking out the control panel won’t erase your phone. Next is call back and this is where you have your phone call another phone. It’s silent so if it’s stolen, the thief has no idea. Display Text, this one is really fun. You can display what you want the person to read and the text will appear in the front of the phone. Of course all these commands show you as they are being directed to the handset, and also if they are successful. I successfully tested each one, except to wipe my handset. It was really impressive how fast it works. Tracking my BlackBerry was fun, and it was neat to see tower information.

Last is Backup. You can view backup you have already created. There is BackUp Now so you can decide what you are going to back up: Memo, Calendar, Contacts, Call Log, Tasks, and Mail. There is Restore Backup so you can decide what will be returned. Last is the Scheduler so you can decide when to back up on a regular basis.

Overall, RobLock is very easy to use and extremely convenient. v3.0 is currently available to Verizon handsets, but hopefully will be open to other handsets as well. It’s easy to use on your phone and on the PC, and has the options. I tested. I can see this as an asset to anyone who is interested in security on the phone. Again, strictly for security.

If you currently have a Verizon Wireless BlackBerry, you are able to subscribe to the service, and if not, v2.0 absolute is available still.

You can download RobLock v3.0 for monthly, bi-annually, or annually here >

You can download RobLock v2.0 absolute for $9.95 here >

For more information, feel free to read more on RobLock by Vapssky here >

[rating: 5/5]

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