Bell launches HSPA Network – BlackBerry Bold 9000 & 9700 Now Available

November 4, 2009 | By | 1 Comment


Bell has officially rolled out their new HSPA network across Canada, and with that launch came two new BlackBerry smartphones. Bell has launched the classic BlackBerry Bold 9000, as well the new Bold 9700. Both should be available in stores starting today. Pricing starts $249 with three year term for the Bold 9000, and $229 with three year term for the Bold 9700. Something seems a little odd with the Bold 9000 pricing, as its listed higher than the new Bold. Stay tuned we’re looking into that. Meanwhile check out all the details and plans at

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  • Chad

    Any word yet why the Bold 9000 is more expensive than the 9700? I went to Rogers’ website and it’s the same thing….9000 is more expensive?