Review: OtterBox Commuter Series for BlackBerry Tour

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I’m always impressed with OtterBox cases, and how they protect my BlackBerry. For the past week or so I’ve been testing out OtterBox’s new Commuter Series for the BlackBerry Tour. The Commuter Series is the mid-range case from OtterBox, which combines the best of both worlds with its tough silicon skin, and hard shell. The Commuter Series basically just combines two already great products, the Impact Series and Defender Series, which we’ve reviews lots.

So as I said for the past week or so I’ve been testing out the Commuter Series for the first time. I have to say I love having a hard shell, but also the silicon skin in a small and compact design. When reviewing previous OtterBox cases such as the Defender Series my biggest compliant was the size (you really couldn’t use it day to day). Well the new Commuter series really doesn’t add all the bulk. I’m happy to say I can use this every day with no issues.

Like the Defender Series all ports including the headphones and charger port are covered by a rubber plug, which is built right into the skin. This ensures that no dirt or dust gets inside. One thing you might ask is how does it protect the display? Well OtterBox has you covered there as well. Included in both the Commuter Series and Impact Series is a “clear protective film” or screen protector.

How well does it protect? It’s really hard to describe the amount of protection you get from OtterBox cases. As I said above the Commuter Series basically combines their two popular cases into one more compact design. You get the silicon skin for the first layer, which absorbs any bumps, as well protects the top, bottom, sides, and back. The hard shell which goes over top of the silicon skin protects your device from more of the drops, nicks and dings.

Pricing: Personally I think the Commuter Series is priced just right at $34.95. It falls right in between their Impact Series (which retails for $20) and their Defender Series (which retails at $50).

Overall: I’m happy with the Commuter Series for the BlackBerry Tour. I will most likely be making this my everyday case, and replacing my RIM “tough skin”. I recommend this case to anyone who thought OtterBox cases we’re too big and bulky. I wouldn’t say this case makes your Tour indestructible by any means, and if you’re in a rugged environment I would suggest something like the Defender Series to play safe. The Commuter Series will be for more of the day to day user, looking for protection and compact size.

Tips: The Commuter Series is a great case! Unfortunately it does lack the tough holster (like the Defender Series). If you will be using the Commuter as your day to day case it does fit inside the stock Tour case, which may be included in your box.

Editor’s [rating: 4.5/5]

Where to Buy: You can pick up the Commuter Series or Any other OtterBox cases from the BlackBerry Sync Store.


  • Smaller more compact size
  • Great price
  • Includes screen protector
  • Mid-Range in the OtterBox family


  • Lacks the option for tough holster
  • Rubber plug for Charger port doesn’t like to stay in

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