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Berry Vibrate

I always get asked the question, “Is there an app to ring and vibrate at once?” There is, though MMMOOO has come out with one that has a twist. Berry Vibrate is available in the BlackBerry Sync Store and is one of the little inexpensive apps you may find you’ll want to keep.

Berry Vibrate goes for $1.99. In the store, the description is as follows:

Berry Vibrate enables your phone active sound and vibrate at the same time instead of one by one when there’s a call. Won’t miss any important calls.

With all the questions about what is out there, I decided to try Berry Vibrate. I tested it on my BlackBerry Tour. As with all of MMMOOO‘s products, you purchase it, and are given the download for the pc version. You unzip your files (extract, zip whichever you prefer), and then plug your phone in and use the App Loader from the BlackBerry Desktop Manager and search for your Berry Vibrate alx file and load it.

After loading the app, I found the little BlackBerry icon with the “vibrating waves” around it in my Download file. After clicking on it, the app gives you two options: Activate the Berry Vibrate and Activate the LED Flash. Also listed is a list of Tips. It explains that when it is activated it auto launches but does not affect the system.

I had no issues with the app. For a mere $1.99, I found it to be a great app for those who would like to have that vibrating alert. Even when I had my phone on silent profile, my phone would vibrate with a call, and the LED flashes in disco colors to let me know there’s a call. The app is simple, easy to use, and it’s priced really good.

I myself don’t use vibrate alerts except when I’m at an event where I can’t hear my phone. At work it’s so busy that even if I’m alerted to a call, I cannot answer the call and have to return a call as soon as I get a free second. But many consumers still like that option that normal handsets used to have, and it’s extremely handy for those who need to get those calls as they come in. Doctors, Real Estate Agents, Construction Managers, there’s several professions that the phone call is extremely important.

The app didn’t take any battery life, ran easily, and I liked the convenience of it. No complicated menus, no keys to run it, it’s just as it says, Berry Vibrate. It may be a small app, but it’s perfect if you want your call and vibrate too. You can count on Berry Vibrate to shake things up a bit without being an energy hog.

You can grab your copy of Berry Vibrate for $1.99 in the BlackBerry Sync Store here >

Compatible with OS: 4.2, 4.5, 4.6, 5.0

Compatible with BlackBerry Devices: 81xx Pearl Series, 82xx Flip Pearl Series, 83xx Curve series, 85xx Curve series, 87xx series, 88xx World series, 89xx Curve series, 9000 (Bold), 9550/9520 (Storm2), 9630 (Tour), 9700 (Bold)

[rating: 4.9/5]

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  • DavidB

    why would someone with an OS 5 device want to buy this sort of thing when OS 5 allows this natively?

  • Susan C

    Some of us don’t have 5.0 yet, don’t have the Storm or Storm2, and aren’t as brave to download a leaked version such as myself. I have the Tour and believe in sticking with an officially released OS.

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