Pandemic Storm Downloads Vlingo

October 3, 2009 | By | 5 Comments


This Friday Vlingo had some interesting news for us. Vlingo, one of the all time top downloaded apps in BlackBerry’s AppWorld, is a great asset to the Storm. So true that between the time the Storm was released and in2008, and in May when Vlingo launched the Storm version, over 45,000 people hacked Vlingo to get it to work on the Storm.

One in ten Storm owners actively uses Vlingo on their BlackBerry. They are twice as likely to upgrade to the premium version as well. In the U.K. , fifty percent of Vlingo users use it on the Storm.

Vlingo is available for U.S., Canadian, and UK users. You can download it form the appworld or the vlingo website itself. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Vlingo, it’s a great app that lets you text, email, and call all by voice. It is very much like DragonSpeak. You tell the phone what you want and what to write and the phone does it for you through Vlingo. That may very well help with the Storm in making it much more user friendly. I remember when Vlingo was all a free download. My daughters were so tired of the little texts I’d send through Vlingo, maybe because we were in the same room. And my friends would love when I’d demo it with the “Message to Critter. Message…what time is dinner?” and the phone would type it out and send. My reason for showing it because we all know driving and texting or looking at your phone while driving isn’t safe. But this helps greatly.

If you have it, share your insight, if you get it, please share too.

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  • Storm Boy

    Vlingo works great with my storm! I’ve converted two other (Non-storm) blackberry users to vlingo. They love it, too.

    Sometims it doesn’t work ver well — ambient noise seems to be a major problem, but in those cases, the storm’s keyboard works fine, of course. But it is also hilarious, sometimes, when Vlingo get’s it wrong.

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