BlackBerry Storm 2 Rumored Release Dates!

October 9, 2009 | By | 6 Comments


Ronen from BerryReview has just posted some updates to the Storm 2 launch for both Verizon and Vodafone. Apparently Vodafone UK will be launching the Storm 2 (9520) on October 15th (just a few days away!), followed by Verizon launching the Storm 2 (9520) on October 25th or so. Now Ronen also goes on to say that he received a tip that RIM will not be launching the 9520, the 3G version of the Storm 2 in the USA. With any luck we might see the 9520 hit Canadian shores for a HSPA launch on Bell and TELUS? Although its kind of doubtful.

So I guess we will have to sit back and wait to see if these dates are true.

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  • Greg

    Telus will be launcing the 9550 cdma

  • Zae

    I believe the release date to be next Thursday, the 15th!
    I spoke to a Vodafone Rep as my contract expired last week, telling him that I was thinking of leaving VF so I could get an Iphone and that I may stay for the BBS2 but it seemed to be taking ages for any release info, so I couldn’t be bothered to wait any longer and would probably just go for the Iphone on another network. He told me to hold off till next Thursday for the BBS2 and he would be back in touch with me to arrange shipping!! woohoo!!

  • dnice

    I personally think this is the date that it will be available in stores….I believe that the actual device will be made available online on the 14th and in stores the 21st….This is similar to the Imagio which had an store launch date of the 20th (according to Verizon internal calendar) but was released online on the 6th, releasing the storm 2 online on the 14th would be inline with what was written in the verizon calendars as well

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