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Review: Fairy Theme V1.0 by MMMOOO

October 31, 2009 | By | 6 Comments

In looking at this theme, I have to say it’s reminiscent of winter, a beautiful light blue sheet that resembles an Aurora Borealis. The type of theme a Fairy would paint. The perfect sort of theme to welcome in winter. MMMOOO has brought you the Fairy. Fairy works with BlackBerry Devices sporting 4.2 and up. […]

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Review: Berry Vibrate v1.0 by MMMOOO

October 31, 2009 | By | 3 Comments

I always get asked the question, “Is there an app to ring and vibrate at once?” There is, though MMMOOO has come out with one that has a twist. Berry Vibrate is available in the BlackBerry Sync Store and is one of the little inexpensive apps you may find you’ll want to keep. Berry Vibrate […]

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BlackBerry Bold 9700 starts making it’s way to Rogers stores

October 31, 2009 | By | Add a Comment

Looks like Rogers might be the first to launch the BlackBerry Bold 9700 in Canada! Tips have started to arrive that a select bunch of Rogers stores have started to receive their Bold 9700 stock. We still haven’t heard officially from Rogers when they plan to launch the device, but we most likely will hear […]

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It’s Back! TweetGenius for BlackBerry gets Re-Released with BeeJive Power!

October 31, 2009 | By | 1 Comment

It’s been a while in the making, and has even teamed up with some great developers (BeeJive team) and now TweetGenius is back! The new version of TweetGenius is now available for $7.99 and comes packed with tons of great features. The new TweetGenius is much faster, and widely supported on a ton of different […]

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TetherBerry is 50% Friday Only! Get it for $24.98…

October 30, 2009 | By | Add a Comment

You may have noticed the BlackBerry Sync Store holds great deals weekly, and this week is no exception. Today (Friday) only one of our favorite applications, TetherBerry is 50% off. This means you can grab a copy of TetherBerry for only $24.98, instead of the usual $49.95 price tag.  If you aren’t familar with TetherBerry […]

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OtterBox BlackBerry Storm2 Impact, Commuter and Defender Series Cases Coming Soon!

October 30, 2009 | By | 5 Comments

OtterBox hasn’t wasted any time with this one, today they announced the upcoming launch of BlackBerry Storm2 cases. OtterBox will release three different cases (Impact, Commuter and Defender series). The cases will range anywhere from $19.95 to $49.95, and will be available at and in the BlackBerry Sync Store soon. Having troubles deciding which […]

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Incipio Ultra Feather Case for BlackBerry Tour 9630 – Now Shipping!

October 29, 2009 | By | 1 Comment

I just checked in at the BBSync Store this morning and look what I found! The Incipio Ultra Feather Case for the BlackBerry Tour is now shipping. They’re available in black, red, purple, magenta, or blue for only $19.95 each. The cases are super thin and measure in at less than 1mm. They are ideal […]

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BlackBerry Desktop Manager Updated To v5.0.1.18

October 29, 2009 | By | 12 Comments

Tonight when I fired up my laptop, I hit the “update” on my BlackBerry Desktop Manager to find there’s an update available. The new version is The major difference I noticed is an icon (IP Modem)for setting your phone as a modem. I had never noticed that one before. This must be the service […]

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Driving Safely With ZoomSafer

October 29, 2009 | By | 20 Comments

I had the opportunity to test out ZoomSafer for two weeks on two different networks. And to be perfectly honest, I am impressed. Now I know there’s going to be the argument, why not just turn your phone off? The truth is we have become used to being connected at all times to the world […]

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Official BlackBerry Tour OS releases: &

October 28, 2009 | By | 5 Comments

It seems that carriers have been busy pushing out OS releases for the BlackBerry Tour. Three different carriers in the United States have released OS for the 9630, as well Bell in Canada has released This means anyone with BlackBerry Tour can remove the vendor.xml file and install any of these OS versions. […]

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Verizon officially announces BlackBerry Storm2 coming October 28th

October 26, 2009 | By | 1 Comment

We don’t know what took them so long, but Verizon finally announced the upcoming release of the BlackBerry Storm2 9550. Verizon says the Storm2 will be landing in stores on October 28th for $179.99 with contract, after mail-in rebates. So all is good and all the Storm chasers out there can finally get their hands-on […]

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Verizon releases first official OS 5.0 for the BlackBerry Storm 9530.

October 26, 2009 | By | 6 Comments

It’s finally starting to roll out, Last night RIM released the first official version of OS 5.0 for the BlackBerry Storm 9530. The OS available is, and is said to feature a number of key updates to enhance overall performance from the keyboard and rotation. You can start downloading the update as of now […]

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