ViigoNews, a lighter version of Viigo: Now Available!

September 18, 2009 | By | 2 Comments


Our friends at Viigo have just introduced a new lighter version of their popular app for BlackBerry. The purpose of Viigo’s new ViigoNews App is for those who don’t use all of it’s the in-depth features. You grab ViigoNews by pointing your BlackBerry browser to

I know myself I will be using ViigoNews as I really only use Viigo for RSS feeds. I don’t need to extra Twitter, Weather, etc. Anyway which version of Viigo will you use? Original or News?

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  • IronHide

    I stumbled across it by accident while attempting to install the normal version after putting on my Bold.

    I absolutely love it – like you, I really only use Viigo for news and RSS, so the smaller, lighter version is much better for my needs. Loads in the blink of an eye and is not as memory intensive as the normal version. It’s a keeper!!

    Well done, Viigo!! Thanks for the lighter, nimbler version of our favourite BB App!! :-)

  • DavidB

    I have switched to News. Loving it so far even though the annoying render text in single character rows bug is still present. And my mist requested feature (custom channel groups) still hasn’t been implemented (been more people asking for it I guess).