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U2 Mobile Album

I couldn’t wait for the U2 Mobile Album to be released. I waited and waited anxiously, purchased the CD No Line On The Horizon, signed up on the U2 site,  and today it finally arrived. The previews had given us a glimpse, a taste of what was to come, so what is the Mobile Album?

I have the screen shots of my downloading it to what the app does and looks like. I installed this app on my BlackBerry 9630 Tour. The app is a U2 icon. Clicking on the U2 Mobile Album opens it with two men standing on the beach in opposite directions. You have U2 in white on a grey square. Then there are four options. No Line On The Horizon, News, 360 Tour, and the Gallery.

No Line On The Horizon pulls up the No Line On The Horizon in grey, and there are eleven choices along with Buy. When you click on a number, there’s a video, a clip of a song with pictures inspired by the music, and a few have pics. It has the words and then you have the option to play the samples, buy the song, or even to link it to your own if you have them on your phone. Yes, I matched them all up to the CD I have on my card.

News brings up the latest news from their tour on the U2 website. You can see the date when the news was posted and read them. I like having the access from the site on my phone.

The Gallery displays pics of the band, artwork, pictures inspired, and of course pictures from the Tour.

The 360 Tour has the dates with the location of each show of the 360 Tour. When you click on it, it shows the arenas and centers. Now in the commercial it appeared as though you could “geotag” yourself if you were present, I’ll have to be sure to check tomorrow night since that’s the next show.

Coming soon are the ability to view postings from the band ,tap into the Who’s Listening section and see when and where other users are listening to the album, and track the tour as the band moves across the globe, letting you see where they’re going and where they’ve been.

There’s also the Options when you click on the Options button, bringing up News, 360 Tour, Gallery, No Line On The Horizon, Settings, Help, and Close.

In Settings, you have Network, Cache, Upgrade, Push, and Feedback.

In Help, it takes you to the online website for support.

All in all, it says more to come, and it already says there’s an update available although it’s not on the BlackBerry website or the BlackBerry App World, but the app is impressive. It will be nice to see if this is a new and novel way for bands to reach their fans. The songs play out nice, words included. All in all, I’m happy with the app, I know it can do more, it has potential, it could lead to something even larger. But for now we’ll see. I’m waiting to see what the stadium looks like tomorrow night. I’ll leave a comment if it’s all lit up. And I’ll let you know when the update it says is available becomes available.

The app is available for download from BlackBerry App World here >

Or from the BlackBerry Website here >

Compatible with BlackBerry Devices: Curve  8300 Series, Pearl 8100 Series, Bold™ 9000 Series, Pearl Flip 8200 Series, Curve 8900 Series,  Curve  8800 Series, Storm 9500 Series, Tour 9630 Series, 8520 Series

Compatible with OS: 4.5, 4.6, 4.7

[rating: 4.6/5]

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