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Cocky Culture has a variety of themes, very unique and very original. We’ve posted the review of Conquest, which is a fave of mine.  The theme I’m reviewing is Rocker Chic. The theme is very rock styled and classic. And there couldn’t be a better time for a new theme, especially with the fifty percent sale!

Themes by Cocky Culture are half off for one more day. So as I go into detail about the theme, keep in mind that you can even find two for the price of one!

This is the description given for the theme:

Rocker Chic is an edgy, progressive design that maintains its sense of femininity all the while pushing a harder, edgier look. Everyone deserves to feel like a Rockstar, even your Blackberry!

I downloaded the theme to my BlackBerry 9630 Tour. The theme is dark yet vibrant. It sports wings behind a heart that is edged in black, like an antique valentine. The battery bars are displayed in lavender. The wings are like burnt sienna. The heart is a dark red and in the right lobe sits a skull within the heart. There’s a blotch of white in the background. Five icons sit on the bottom, messages, contacts, calendar, browser, and media. Those are default, but they are able to be personalized to the five you’d like to show. When the menu is pulled up, the background is a salmon pink, and has antique like etching in the background. It reminds me of my great grandmother’s table cloths. The designed icons have black edging around them. When pulling up messages, for example, the menu is a darker salmon.

Now here’s another surprise. When you get a message, a heart appears in the corner of the icon, such as a message, or im. Even the browser has decor from the theme. It didn’t slow my Tour down, and adds personality. There are eleven different Premium themes that Cocky Culture has available, Rocker Chic being one of them.

This theme reminds me of a rocking Valentine every day. Now I rate according to how appeasing the theme is, which is very, the customer service which Tony is outstanding, and how my phone reacts to it, which was great. So on all counts, I give this theme 5/5. Conquest is really nice too, I can dress my phone with themes to show my mood or feeling of the day.

If you hurry today, you can grab the theme for fifty percent off, if you use the following code: 2d50off .

You can download Rocker Chic from Cocky Culture here >

Compatible with BlackBerry handsets: 83xx Curve series, Curve 8900, 8700, 88xx World series, 82xx Flip Pearl series, Storm 95xx series, Tour 9630, Bold 9000

Compatible OS: 4.5, 4.6, 4.7

[rating: 5/5]

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