Review: OtterBox Impact Series Case for BlackBerry Tour 9630

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If you’ve ever looked at OtterBox cases in the past, you generally think of heavy duty and a little more bulky cases. Well today I’m showing you the Impact Case for the BlackBerry Tour 9600 series. OtterBox offers three different types of BlackBerry cases: Defender and Commuter Series, followed by the Impact series. Depending on how you’re looking to protect your phone the Impact skin does offer the most value for your dollar.

Think of the Impact Case as a tough and rugged version on RIM’s silicon skin. It features an all around wrap design with a bonus screen protector in box. Now unfortunately the Impact skin/case does not include a belt clip, and is a little too big to use in the stock case found in box. The Impact Case does however make a great pocket case.

Pros: More protection than more skins, great wrap around protection, extremely affordable!

Cons: No belt clip

Conclusion: My final thoughts on the OtterBox Impact Case is nothing but positive. I have switched from using a normal RIM “tough skin” to the Impact Skin by OtterBox, and have zero complaints. The overall fit is way better than any skin I’ve seen currently available for the Tour. I recommend you check out this case, if you’re looking for something to protect your device, without the huge added bulk of similar OtterBox products.

Where to Buy: Normally the OtterBox Impact Case for the Tour 9630 retails at $19.95 from OtterBox. Luckily the BBSync Store currently has them on sale for $17.95!

[rating: 5/5]

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