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If you’re a Transformer fan, you’re going to love this theme from MMMOOO. Bumblebee is vibrant, and the theme is customizable with the front icons. I have seen a few Transformer themes, this one is definitely bright and eyecatching. You’ll be able to take Bumblebee everywhere with you. Come take a look.

Currently the theme is available on the MMMOOO website, but when a theme comes to MMMOOO, it comes into the BlackBerry Sync Store later. The Bumblebee theme is $5.99, and the description is as follows:

A theme dedicated to Transformer. The best Bumblebee theme ever. Nice design in every detail. You won’t miss it as a Transformer fans!

The instructions for installing are as follows:

. Download the following file to your PC:
2. Unzip the file to your Desktop.
3. Connect your Blackberry to your computer.
4. Open up Desktop Manager – Application Loader – Add.
(if your bb has never load a theme before, you need a theme reader, we also provider it within the zip file)
5. Find the file called “Themes.alx” and hit “OK”.

After the installation finishes, you can now change your themes by going to Settings – Options – Themes. (hint, the phone will restart to complete the installation)

I downloaded and installed Bumblebee on my BlackBerry Tour 9630. The theme installed easily and my phone restarted. When I installed the theme, I noticed how bright the mask was, and only the GPS symbol shows. The classic yellowish orange, blue, and black. I love how the icons change and the first five icons are customizeable. Now this is really neat. I love when theme designers include the battery life and such into the layout. The left blue side of the shield is the battery life, and the right side symbolizes the signal. So they aren’t your tradional views of the signals.

When you click the options button, the top of the screen looks like the eyes and nose watching over the icons. Again, the left eye symbolizes the battery life and the right eye symbolizes signal. As you can see, the icons are very futuristic with files and original icons. On top of the nose sits your date and time beneath. On the side of the right eye sits the alarm symbol, the GPS symbol, and the EV or 1x of your network.

The color patterns are nice. Going into the broswer, the colors are lavender like for the BlackBerry browser, black ribbon on top, and the yellow/orange search. Going into messages, I can see the face at the top, and the colored orange ribbon. The options button brings up an options menu in yellow with a burnt dark orange highlight. Messages show up with an orange exclamation mark in front of it.

Overall, the colors are vibrant, everything you’d expect from MMMOOO and a movie theme such as this. Customer service is always outstanding with MMMOOO. They’re very fast to address issues. The theme didn’t slow my phone down, and I can keep track of battery life and signal strength too.

Over all, this theme will appeal to those of you who love Transformers, and those of you who love bright themes that are original. You can see by the colors just how bright it is. I only watched the first movie, but when my daughter saw this theme, she knew who Bumblebee was and loved the look of it. So take Bumblebee with you everywhere you go with your BlackBerry.

You can grab your copy of the Bumblebee theme for $5.99 from MMMOOO on their website here >

[rating: 5/5]

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