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There’s a new software out that is going to make shopping more useful. Especially when it comes to Black Friday and Christmas shopping. And this software is free. The app is edocrab by Steelthorn Software. Edocrab is actually the word barcode spelled backwards, and barcode is what this app works off of besides your BlackBerry.

Steelthorn Software has a few different apps, and you’re probably familiar with them already. They have apps like the extremely useful QuickPull, BerryAnnoying, StormLock, and AutoStandBy to name a few. Some are paid, some are free. Well Edocrab is free. I had to try this app out, free or not, to see what all it could do. I love their moto for this app, “Leave the jungle, hit the beach”, it’s a great concept.

I downloaded and installed it on my BlackBerry Tour 9630. The app downloaded and installed quickly. When you go to find it, the icon sits as a barcode with a little yellow/orange crab in the bottom right. When you click on it, the top ribbon has the crab, the words edocrab by Steelthorn, and then the choices below are Scan, Search, Lists, and History.

Scanning may take a few times. It’s best in very well lit area and trying to avoid any side lines, just the bar code. If the barcode doesn’t show clearly to the app, it will show you how your barcode pic compares to an example barcode pic. If at first you don’t succeed, you’ll try again till you get it right. After a successful barcode pic, the app will search online and the next screen you’ll see is the product, the cheapest price it found for online, and when you click on the top product, it will show you pics, you can click on video if there’s any, and music if any. The next line is the prices and you can click on it to see which online sites are offering the cheapest prices for that product. Next is reviews. Click on reviews to see what other consumers have to say about the product. And then there’s add to a list.

There’s also Search, where you can search a product, Lists which is what you create of what you want, and History where you can pull up previous searches.

For free, you can’t beat it. I like the products Steelthorn has. Pros are that it is fast to search once you scan. It’s accurate in pricing. The app is free, you can’t beat that. I can see this app being very handy for birthdays (provided you give yourself ample time to be prepared to order online), weddings, anniversaries, holidays, you get the picture. Here’s another pro….the product I scanned was for the same price from Walmart as the scan said it was on Walmart’s online site. So before ordering you might want to just stop by the store and see if it’s available there at that price.

Cons are that is that it sometimes takes a few or more barcode scans before it will accept it. The only stores that it lists are those online (which most of us shop now anyways). And the app is currently available only on the Steelthorn site and the BlackBerry App World. Hopefully it will be available in the BlackBerry Sync Store as well.

Keep in mind that the app is Beta, which means there may still be some bugs or issues, so kindly report any if you experience such issues so that Steelthorn and the developers can make this app even better.

The most current version will be downloadable from the Steelthorn edocrab site itself.

You can grab edocrab for free from the edocrab Steelthorn site here >

You can also grab edocrab for free from the BlackBerry App World here >

Compatible with all BlackBerry devices 4.5 or higher. If your BlackBerry does not have a camera, you can manually enter the upc in manually and it will work the same.

[rating: 4.8/5]

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  • Blackberry Cafe

    BEFORE launching BB App World to get this app, my advices is DON’T (unless you are sure it’s the latest version) :-)

    The website has the latest version. ( App World has an older version. (

  • SusanC

    Thanks for pointing that out, my copy was downloaded from the edocrab site, which is why it’s listed first, but I’ll point it out to other readers.

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