REDFLY Mobile Companion Announced: The BlackBerry Laptop

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RedFly Mobile

For some of us, the keypad of our BlackBerry is a little small, some consumers are put off by the size of the keys even. But soon there will be a solution for those of us who feel that way. The BlackBerry Laptop by Celio REDFLY. It is actually a mobile companion.

The companion when connected to your phone gives the user a 7 or 8 inch screen and a larger keyboard that you can type on in laptop form. This would be similar to a netbook. Now the company has had the Windows Mobile version, and it hopes to have the BlackBerry version available by Christmas of this year for BlackBerry devices with 4.6 or higher, such as the Bold, Tour, Storm, etc. It sports an 800 x 450 pixel resolution and weighs under 1k.

To use the device, you simply connect your phone to it by Bluetooth or USB. There will be two different companions available, C8N and C7. Now keep in mind that these units do not have a processor, no memory, no storage available, and no Operating System. They are only an extension of your phone.

What will expected battery life be like? It appears the 8 inch will have a battery life of 8 hours for the eight inch device and 5 hours for the seven inch device. The models are going to be priced at $199 for the 7 inch version and $249 for the 8 inch model, not bad when you think about it.

The device requires no contract, if it’s stolen there’s no personal information to be retrieved or exploited, and I don’t know how many times I hear “If I could just find a monitor and keyboard, I would have no need for my laptop when I take my trips.”

What are your thoughts on these devices? Yay or nay? Will you be looking into purchasing one or not? Share your thoughts, we’d like to know.

[via: Pocket-Lint]

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