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Puzzle World

Do you like puzzles? Instead of playing games to pass the time, is Sudoku or challenging sorts of puzzles like that more of your recreation? Would you rather enhance your puzzle solving skills? Keep reading, you’re going to like this as it’s a great series of puzzles, fifty puzzles to be exact.

Puzzles are a great way to fine tune different thought processing skills. I have to admit, I do some riddles here and there, but this is a collection of puzzles you need to unlock one by one, through fifty puzzles. MMMOOO has a brought a collection of puzzles to the world of apps, and they are true puzzles.

The description says: Enter the world of puzzles now and enjoy the fun & pleasure every puzzle brings to you. Up to 50 puzzles including graphic reasoning, language reasoning, mathematics, imagination are waiting for you to conquer! Are you the smartest and fastest puzzle solver?

Features are:

1. Up to 50 puzzles.
2. Easy to control
3. Hint helps you to solve the difficult puzzles.

So this intrigued me. While not the greatest puzzle player, I do love trivia. I installed this game through my BlackBerry Desktop Manager and rebooted my phone after installation. With MMMOOO, all games and apps come as a zip in your email, and you must unzip the files and load through the BlackBerry Desktop Manager. I always advise a battery pull or reboot after installing apps or themes for best results.

The Puzzle World actually went into my Download folder but I moved it into Games. The appears as the Hollywood Director’s Cut board with the world Puzzle on it, and at the bottom it says PuzzleWorld. Clicking the first time will ask to be registered and thank you. There is a green background with strips of film across, the board that says Puzzle world and a strip down the left side from top to bottom that read: Play Game, Help, About Us, and Quit. Quit is obvious so I won’t go into detail except it’s to leave the game. About Us is MMMOOO , their moto, the contact email and website.

There is Help, and that gives you two of the best suggestions for the puzzles. One is that there are ten Hint points at the beginning you can use. Two will unlock a puzzle, one will allow you to see a hint. The second suggestion is that you should type in Arabic numbers not spell them out in English. So use numerals, not words.

I passed the first puzzle easily, I won’t go into detail about the rest. What I would have liked to have seen is a puzzle category after play to go through each category. That way you could use your strongest reasoning skills to knock out the ones you do best with first. Each puzzle gets a little harder, and mixes mathematical puzzles, graphic reasoning, language reasoning and imagination. Puzzle World is the perfect solution for passing idol time while keeping thought and reasoning skills fine tuned. It’s not easy, so it’s really good for those who are up to the challenge.

Pictures are cute, drawings, and hint is great at helping you to solve the puzzle, but does not give you the answer. When you click on a puzzle, You navigate using your trackball. Going through it, it gives you a place to enter your answer and a place to hit submit. There’s hint to your right as well. Some of the puzzles are interactive, requiring you to go into the puzzle and move objects. And with 50 puzzles, it’s an adventure. This is not a game I would think could be unlocked in a short time in any means.

The road through the puzzles is movie film, and you travel it down the film. It gives you the choice to unlock the puzzles too. If a puzzle is unlocked, it will display the lock opened in the bottom right and a circle with a check in the middle. If the puzzle is locked, the locked lock displays in the bottom right instead. The hints are helpful in pointing you to the answer without handing it away. Much like a review to a movie is, instead of a spoiler.

MMMOOO has great customer service too, so any questions or issues with their products you can ask them and they are prompt in answering and solving them.

Who can I see loving this app? Teachers, college students, puzzle solvers, those who can’t resist those puzzle books at the grocery and book store. Anyone who’s ever loved the Rubik’s cube and didn’t cheat by taking off the stickers. This puzzle game will appeal to anyone who loves a challengPuze. If you’re good at puzzles, I dare you to enter the Puzzle World.

Puzzle World sells for $4.99, that’s like ten puzzles for a dollar. It hasn’t come to the BlackBerry Sync Store yet, but when a new MMMOOO product comes out, it makes its way to the store shortly after.

You can grab your copy of Puzzle World for $4.99 from the MMMOOO website here >

The game is compatible with all BlackBerry handsets

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  • Ian

    Um, yeah… don’t think so. If the screenshots are any indication of how poorly the game is written in terms of the English language, I won’t be spending my money on it.

    For example:

    “There are 10 Hint points at first which you can use to can use two to unlock a puzzle or use one to see a hint.”

    “You should type in Arabic numerals (e.g. 1, 2, 3), not English (e.g. one, two, three. ) for the answers which need number”

    “How many times the condition that the “12-hour day” digital clock shows 3 or more than 3 continuous numbers in a row happen in a day?”

    Wow. Just wow.


    @ lan,

    Thanks for the suggest, we will soon correct it.

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