Meet Opera Mini 5 Beta for BlackBerry, the Next Generation of Opera

September 16, 2009 | By | 9 Comments


Opera has released the next generation of their popular web browser for BlackBerry. Opera Mini 5 Beta is now available for download directly to your BlackBerry by visiting The new Opera mini features a slick new UI, with tabbed browsing, speed dials to your favorite websites, password manager, and a variety of keyboard and touchscreen gestures. It’s really a sweet browser and we recommend you check it out today!

I tested the new beta on my BlackBerry Tour and had zero issues with it so far. It loads BBSync up perfectly, unlike the native BlackBerry browser. So go check it out and post a comment letting us know what you think…

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  • Coffee-Turtle

    It made itself the default browser! Sweet! I didn’t think that was possible. However, on my Blackberry Tour the pages seem to load, but the text seem to be white on white. I can hover and click blindly only. Any thoughts?

  • Ehab

    i’ve downloaded it and i love it but how do i edit the speed dials after i’ve entered them? i’ve been trying for about an hour now. the internet browsing experience on my phone from this morning has been completely transformed though. i love it! google search as well looks amazing.

    9/10! :-)

  • Coffee-Turtle

    after a second reboot all is well! :-)

  • confused


    I cant figure it out either i want to get rid of my opera and BBC news and it is driving me crazy. there is no way to edit them and there is no information on the net about it!!!! someone help.

  • damian hillary

    To Ehab:
    If u press the trackball it will bring up the option to edit the bbc site already saved in their or assign a website if nothing is there.
    On a different note, I love the new opera mini but I don’t like the fact that it sets itself as my default browser. Also, I was having the issue of missing letters in text wheni visited different sites. Did a few reboots and the issue never cleared up.
    Finally, I had an issue that whenever I typed things in the dialogue box and made a mistake, if I deleted it, it would delete approx 5-6 characters from before. That became a real pain.
    Other than that, I luv it. Would be nice if RIM could include a browser like that on the 5.0 OS.

  • phan


  • Rich

    I loaded on my blackberry curve 8330. It did not install as default browser ( thats fine with me),but is working great I just launch from the loaded icon on. Do not want as default until final release anyway not sure about security settings when doing banking.

  • Steph

    i cant find a version for the blackberry tour, anyone know how?

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